NVIDIA's CEO sparks a discussion by saying, ``AI will write the code, so there is no need to learn programming anymore''


Hillel Steinberg

Many people have probably seen or heard the heads of high-tech companies and venture companies giving advice that ``young people of the future should learn programming.'' Contrary to this trend, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang proposed that ``programming is no longer an essential skill.''

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'For the last 10 or 15 years, almost everyone on these podiums has said in unison that children should be given computers,' Huang said at the World Governments Summit 2024 in Dubai on February 12, 2024. We preached that it was important for people to learn science. We also preached that everyone should learn programming. But in reality, it was almost the exact opposite. Our job was to teach programming languages so that no one needed to do it. 'It's about creating computing technology that makes things more personalized to people. Everyone in the world is now a programmer. This is the miracle of AI.'

Huang also said, 'With AI taking over the coding, humans will be able to focus on more valuable areas of expertise, such as biology, education, manufacturing, and agriculture.'

When the words of the head of a large company representing the AI field were spread on social media, it caused a huge stir on the Internet.

For example, Patrick Moorhead, an analyst who has served as an executive at high-tech companies such as HP and AMD, said on He argued against Mr. Huang and listed Basic, C, and Python as programming languages and tools that were expected to eliminate coding.

'AI won't end coding any time soon. Instead, coding will be in the hands of more people. Just as DTP didn't kill creativity, AI won't end coding.' It just expands your creativity,” Moorhead points out.

John Carmack, former CTO of Oculus, Meta's VR division, said, ``Coding is never a source of value, and people shouldn't get hung up on it. Problem solving is a core skill.'' He said, ``Managing people is more powerful than any personal tool, so when AI becomes a better programmer than me, I will manage AI.''

Only time will tell whether AI will end programming as a profession, but it is true that many jobs will be affected by the advent of AI. For example, a study by labor market analyst Bloomberry found that jobs for freelance writers have decreased by 33% and jobs for translators have decreased by 19% since the introduction of ChatGPT, while jobs for software developers have increased by 6%. It has been found that

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