X begins rolling out audio/video calling functions to general users

It has been revealed that the audio/video calling feature, which was previously only available to

X Premier users, has now been rolled out to general users.

Elon Musk's X is launching audio and visual calls for regular users. Yay. | Mashable

Enrique Barragan, who works as an engineer at X, said, ``We are gradually rolling out voice and video calling for non-X Premier users. We encourage you to try it out. You can also choose to allow calls from all users. It was announced that X had started rolling out voice and video call functions for general users. Linda Yaccarino of X, who reposted this post, posted, ``X supports voice calls! Who do you call first?''

Mr. Barragan wrote about the calling function of X, saying, ``We are gradually rolling it out (to general users),'' but the overseas media Mashable said, ``More users are using the calling function than Mr. Barragan suggested. You may be able to do so, because when I checked, I was already able to use the calling feature even though I was not an X Premium user.'

To use X's call function, open the direct message, open the message exchange with the person you want to talk to, and tap the call button at the top right of the screen. When I checked an account operated by the GIGAZINE editorial department that did not subscribe to X Premium, I was able to make a call to one account normally, but when I made a call to another account, it said ``Subscribe to Premium and make a call.'' I was unable to make a call, only the notation appeared.

In addition, some people reposted Mr. Yaccarino's post and pointed out, ``No one asked for this. No one.''

Mashable also said, ``Frankly, this feature seems like it's only useful if you use it incidentally while scrolling through a direct message screen. Not sure what the value is, probably the only possible reason I've seen is that you don't have to share your phone number, but again, that's already possible with other services. ” he pointed out.

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