Steam looks back on 2023, a dramatic year with ``For the first time, more than 500 games generated total revenue of more than 450 million yen'' and ``Number of concurrently connected users exceeded 33 million.''

Valve, which operates the PC gaming platform Steam, has posted a blog article looking back at all the features, tools, bug fixes, updates, etc. released in 2023. According to Valve, the number of games with total revenue of more than $3 million (approximately 450 million yen) will more than double from 2018 to 2023.

Steamworks Development - Steam Annual Roundup: 2023 Edition - Steam News

Steam in 2023 has revamped

the user interface and Big Picture mode , introduced the ability to hide individual games from friends, and categorized trailer videos .

A private feature to hide the games you are playing on Steam from your friends will be coming soon - GIGAZINE

In addition, Valve has released an upgraded version of the portable gaming PC ' Steam Deck ' called ' Steam Deck OLED ' and has also mentioned the implementation of a major update to SteamOS . Furthermore, regarding the release of similar portable gaming PCs by competitors such as ROG Ally and ONEXFLY in 2023, he said, ``The more the merrier,'' and ``In 2024, even more portable gaming PCs will be released.'' I look forward to appearing.'

With public resources like Steam Charts , Valve makes it easy for anyone to see what games are popular on Steam, which GPUs are most popular among Steam users, and how many concurrent users are logged in. . According to Valve, the number of concurrently connected Steam users will exceed 33 million for the first time in 2023.

Valve also revealed that its seasonal sales event was a success, showing the revenue trends of Steam's Autumn Sale, which coincided with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and reporting significant growth in the gaming industry.

Steam Autumn Sale Revenue growth rate from 2022 to 2023
Games with revenue exceeding $1,000 (approximately 150,000 yen) 19%
Games with revenue exceeding $10,000 (approximately 1.5 million yen) 17%
Games with revenue exceeding $100,000 (approximately 15 million yen) 17%
Games with revenue exceeding $500,000 (approximately 75 million yen) 19%
Games with revenue exceeding $1 million (approximately 150 million yen) twenty one%

Additionally, the company revealed that 2023 was the first year in Steam's history that more than 500 games generated gross revenue of more than $3 million in a single year, double the number of games that reached the same mark in 2018. It was also shown that the number is higher than that. In addition, Valve evaluates the diversification of genres, mechanics, and studios that are successful on Steam as ``an indicator of the platform's growth.'' Additionally, of the top 20 grossing new games announced each month, more than a quarter are from studios that first released their games on Steam, and those first-time studios are based in more than 20 countries. is also mentioned.

In addition, Valve allows users to play games before they are officially released through ' Steam Playtest ', early access, 'Steam Next festival', etc., and features that are useful for development, such as reporting and fixing bugs, are actively used. 'It has become an integral part of PC gaming,' he said.

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