``GBA4vOS'' is an emulator that allows you to play Game Boy using a huge screen floating in the room with Apple Vision Pro

Riley Testut, who develops the Game Boy Advance emulator app ``GBA4iOS'' for iOS, has announced the release of the visionOS version of GBA4iOS `` GBA4vOS '' to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its release. Mr. Testut has published on Threads how he actually plays Game Boy and Game Boy Advance software using Apple Vision Pro's spatial computing.

If you've got a Vision Pro you can now play a giant Game Boy. - The Verge

Testut says, ``Ten years ago today, my friend Paul Thorsen and I released GBA4iOS during our senior year of high school. I will never forget that day. We spent hours together after school developing it. 'To celebrate, we're excited to announce that GBA4iOS will be reborn in a new era of computing as GBA4vOS, the Game Boy Advance emulator for visionOS.'

Starting up the Game Boy `` Pokemon Pikachu ''. It seems that you can use hand tracking to play as if you were actually operating a huge Game Boy with your hands.

When you operate a Game Boy Advance that is close to the actual size, it looks like this.

' Mawaru Made in Wario ' has a rotation sensor installed in the cartridge, so it was difficult to reproduce the actual play with an emulator, but with Apple Vision Pro, you can actually hold and move the emulator screen. Therefore, by linking the window rotation detection with the rotation sensor, you can recreate an experience close to playing on the actual machine.

Testut says, 'With GBA4vOS, not only can you relive your favorite Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games, but you can literally place your screen anywhere you want in the world, even floating it on top of a pot in your kitchen. , there's no better way to enjoy your Game Boy than on the moon, displayed on an IMAX display.

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