Microsoft says the next generation Xbox will ``achieve the biggest technological leap we've ever seen,'' and there is a possibility that a handheld game console will be released.

Microsoft, which develops and sells the game brand Xbox, has said that the next generation Xbox will ``achieve the biggest technological leap never seen before''. In addition, Microsoft announced that it will release four Xbox exclusive titles on PlayStation 5 (PS5) and Nintendo Switch, and also talks about the future outlook, saying, ``There will be fewer and fewer exclusive titles in the future.''

Microsoft teases next-gen Xbox with the 'largest technical leap' ever - The Verge

Microsoft: four Xbox-exclusive games are coming to PS5 and Nintendo Switch - The Verge

During the official Xbox podcast , Xbox President Sarah Bond said, 'We're launching some exciting products in hardware this holiday season. We're also investing in our next-gen roadmap, and we're really looking forward to The focus is on delivering the biggest technological leaps ever seen in a hardware generation, making things better for both players and the creators and visions they are building. It will be,” he said.

Furthermore, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer hinted in an interview with overseas media The Verge that the Xbox hardware team is considering developing various types of hardware. 'I'm extremely proud of the work our hardware team is doing, not just this year but well into the future,' Spencer said. 'The unique aspects of our hardware make us truly committed to creating hardware that sells to gamers. 'This is a unleashing of the creative power of our hardware team, and we're really excited about it.'

In addition, the official Xbox podcast said, ``We see a lot of opportunity across many types of devices, and we will provide details on our next-generation hardware plans as soon as they are ready.'' Therefore, The Verge speculated that ``the ``unique hardware'' being talked about here is probably a portable game console.''

Rumors about Xbox's portable game console are persistent, and Mr. Spencer has liked ``X's post that mentioned Xbox's portable game console'' in the past. Mr. Spencer said in an interview with The Verge, ``I'm a big fan of portable game consoles,'' ``I'm a big fan, but I have nothing to announce.''

Spencer also said, ``One of the weak points of

the ROG and Lenovo Legion Go experience is Windows,'' ``Windows processes controller input only in DPI on small 8-inch or 7-inch displays. 'This is one point where our platform team can collaborate with Windows to create a better experience,' he said, indicating that they will strengthen their efforts towards the handheld game console market.

In addition, Microsoft also announced plans to release four Xbox exclusive titles on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Microsoft has declined to divulge details about these four titles, but information obtained by The Verge from sources indicates that the other platforms that will be released include Hi-Fi Rush , Pentiment , and Sea of There are four titles: Thieves and Grounded .

'Over the next five to 10 years, there will be fewer and fewer exclusive games in the industry, games that are dedicated to one piece of hardware,' Spencer said on the official Xbox podcast. Although he said that he would continue to release Xbox exclusive titles in the future, he predicted that the number would decrease.

Spencer also mentioned platform-exclusive titles in an interview with The Verge, saying, ``As an industry, we should never preclude games from moving to other platforms. 'Microsoft is clearly one of the biggest publishers on the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms at the moment, given Activision Blizzard and Bethesda's game lineup. So we're going to focus on Steam and learn a lot from this experience.' , we can say that we know what it means to release games on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox. These titles are games that were originally released on Xbox. These are Xbox-branded games, and those The development effort to bring it to a new platform is huge, so we want to see what happens, and we want to make sure the return is meaningful. 'We want to make sure that users really want this, but maybe they don't.'

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