Tesla Cybertruck's carbide stainless steel body has a 'rust' problem

Tesla's pickup truck ``Cybertruck'', which has become a hot topic due to its angular shape, uses stainless steel as the body material. As the name suggests, this stainless steel truck was known for its resistance to rust, but it was discovered that it was experiencing problems such as rust forming even when exposed to rain.

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Tesla Cybertrucks Are Rusting Despite Being Stainless Steel

An owner named Raxar posted on a forum that after washing his Cybertruck with dish detergent and running it in the rain for two days, small rust spots appeared. Another owner, named OnTheSnap, also posted a photo of his Cybertruck with numerous rust spots on the hood, which the owner said were cleaned up with a commercially available rust remover and cleaner.

Automotive media CarsDirect points out that the cause of the Cybertruck's tendency to rust is ``because the stainless steel body is not coated with clear paint.'' This lack of paint allows dents, scratches, and corrosive substances to adhere to the body, which will cause stains if you don't remove rain, insects, pine tar, and other dirt immediately.

An owner named Beer Muncher posted on social media that the Cybertruck's instruction manual states, ``Owners must not use corrosive substances (grease, oil, bird droppings, resin, dead insects, industrial debris, etc.) ``must be removed immediately,'' and recommends ``using denatured alcohol and immediately washing with water and mild, non-detergent soap to remove the alcohol.'' that's right.

In response to the problem of rust forming on the Cybertruck, an expert said, ``Refining steel does not automatically make it stainless steel, but its properties vary depending on the proportions of chromium, titanium, nickel, nitrogen, and other additives.'' These properties affect formability, hardness, and even corrosion resistance.With its exposed stainless steel body, the Cybertruck evokes images of ruggedness and corrosion resistance, but Tesla recommends how to clean the Cybertruck. This confirms that the body is one of the types with low corrosion resistance.'

Tesla offers a ``wrapping'' option as a way to protect the body from scratches and rust, but it costs $5,000 (about 750,000 yen) or $6,000 (about 900,000 yen) depending on the type.

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