NGINX's core developer parted ways with the parent company and started creating a new fork version under the name 'freenginx'

NGINX is the most used web server in the world, but one of its core developers got into a conflict with F5 Networks, the company that owns NGINX, and left NGINX development to create a new fork of NGINX. announced that they would develop a certain ' freenginx '.


NGINX was released as free open source software in 2004 by Russian developer Igor Sysoev. In 2011, Sosyev, together with Maxim Dounin and Andrew Alexeev, founded Nginx Inc., a company to provide commercial support. It continues to steadily increase its share, and as of February 2024, it is estimated that 34.1% of web servers around the world are using NGINX.

Nginx Inc. was acquired by American server company F5 Networks for $670 million (approximately 100 billion yen) in 2019, but announced that it would continue to maintain the NGINX brand and open source status. After the acquisition, development continued in the same way as before the acquisition.

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However, on February 14, 2024, Mr. Doonin, one of the co-founders of Nginx Inc., announced on the NGINX mailing list that he would part ways with F5 Networks and develop a new fork of NGINX called 'freenginx.' did.

According to the announcement, Mr. Dunin lost his relationship with F5 Networks when the Moscow office was closed in 2022 , and since then he has been involved in the development of NGINX as a volunteer. There was no problem with the fact that F5 Networks was not paid, but it took issue with the fact that F5 Networks' management changed hands and interfered with NGINX's security policy, ignoring developers and the community, as a 'violation of the agreement.'

Furthermore, the development of NGINX is now completely under the control of F5 Networks and is no longer under Doonin's control, and NGINX can no longer be considered free, open source software being developed for the public. Addressing this issue, we have announced the launch of a new NGINX fork project called ``freenginx'' in order to ``protect NGINX development from the selfish actions of companies''.

Mr. Sysoev, who developed NGINX, withdrew from the development of NGINX in 2022 , and it is estimated that as of February 2024 , there are only three core developers of NGINX, including Mr. Dounin. The impact of his resignation on development is likely to be significant.

In addition, in a reply to the mailing list , Mr. Dounin gave an example of interference with security policy: ``We are fully committed to treating typical bugs found in experimental HTTP/3 code as normal bugs in accordance with existing security policy.'' ``Security advisories'' were issued even though the developers had agreed to them.'' 'While this may be a minor problem in itself, there were other major problems with the general approach,' Dounin said.

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