Meta is considering whether the word 'Zionist' constitutes hate speech, criticism from ultra-Orthodox Jews who oppose the establishment of the State of Israel

Zionist is a term that refers to people who believe in

Zionism , a modern Jewish movement that seeks to establish a Jewish state on land where a Jewish state once existed. It has been revealed that Meta, which operates Facebook and Instagram, is considering whether the word Zionist falls under hate speech.

Meta Considering Increased Censorship of the Word “Zionist”

Inside Meta, a debate over when the word 'Zionist' is hate speech - The Washington Post

Tech media outlet The Intercept reported that Meta wrote to multiple civil society organizations on January 30, 2024, 'Meta is currently reconsidering its hate speech policies, particularly related to the term 'Zionist.'' I reported that I sent an email saying that Sources say Meta has not yet made a final decision and is still seeking feedback on its policies from civil society and digital rights groups.

For many years, Meta has allowed the term 'Zionist' to refer to supporters of the historic movement to create a Jewish state of Israel in the Middle East, as well as supporters of the current Israeli government. However, in response to the increase in anti-Semitic hate speech on social media since the outbreak of the military conflict between Hamas and Israel, Meta is believed to have begun reviewing its policies. If a wide range of posts containing the word Zionist were deemed hate speech, it could lead to a mass deletion of posts critical of Israel.

Jonathan Greenblatt, CEO of the Anti-Defamation League, the largest Jewish organization in the United States, said, ``Whether the speaker is an anti-Zionist or a white nationalist, the word Zionist is often synonymous with degrading 'Jews.' It will be used as a.'' They claim that since the military conflict between Hamas and Israel, social media sites such as Facebook have increasingly used the word Zionist in anti-Semitic and threatening contexts.

Cory Chambliss, a spokesperson for Meta, said: 'We do not allow attacks on others based on protected characteristics, such as national origin or religion. To enforce this policy: , you need to understand what words people use to refer to these traits.The word Zionist often refers to an individual's ideology, which is not a protected trait, but Jewish It is also used to refer to Zionists and Israelis.Given the rise in biased discourse due to events in the Middle East, it is important to consider guidelines for reviewing posts that use the term Zionist. I think so,” he said.

However, the word Zionist originally refers to a political ideology rather than a religion or race, and there are concerns that expanding the scope of hate speech will lead to stronger control of speech. Nadeem Nassif, co-founder of pro-Palestinian digital rights group

7amleh , said: 'Zionism is an ideology, not a race. As we told Meta, this is a slippery slope. 'By censoring the word Zionist, much content critical of Israel and Zionism that is part of legitimate political discourse can be removed.'

Yasmin Taeb, legislative and political director of MPower Change, a private Muslim advocacy group, said, ``The suppression of speech by pro-Palestinian voices critical of Israel is occurring in the midst of genocide in Gaza.'' 'Meta should be working on implementing policies to ensure that political speech is not suppressed, but instead it is doing the exact opposite.'

Furthermore, even among Jews, there are two groups: those who support or understand Zionism, and those who oppose Zionism. In particular, some ultra-Orthodox Jews living outside of Israel follow the teaching that ``God will rebuild the Jewish state in the era of the Messiah,'' and believe that ``it is God's teaching that humans should establish the Jewish state of Israel.'' There are people who have negative opinions about Israel . For these Jewish critics of Zionism, the word 'Zionist' is not the same as 'Jew.'

Dani Noble, president of the Jewish activist organization Jewish Voice for Peace, said: ``As an anti-Zionist Jewish organization seeking freedom for Palestine, we believe Meta is political.'' I was horrified to learn that the government is considering expanding the scope of Zionism, an ideology of the United Nations, and treating it as the same as the ethnic and religious identity of Jews.This change in policy is , it would result in shielding the Israeli government from accountability for its policies and actions that violate the human rights of Palestinians.'

Examples of posts that Meta would be able to censor under the new policy include: 'Zionists are war criminals. Just look at what's happening in Gaza,' 'I hate Zionists,' and 'Tonight's Progress. Zionists are not allowed in the Student Association meetings.''

In particular, Mr. Nassif cited a post that said, ``Read the daily news: A coalition of Zionists, Americans, and Europeans is trying to rule the world,'' which he said was a conspiracy that Jews are ruling the world. He points out that it is not a theory, but a criticism of the strategic alliance and foreign policy coordination between the United States, Europe, and Israel. Mr. Nassif argues that such politically valid claims should not be confused with conspiracy theories, leading to a situation where political criticism cannot be made.

Noble said: “Confusing anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism harms all those fighting for human rights around the world by suppressing legitimate criticism of the state and its armed forces. , undermines our collective efforts to dismantle real anti-Semitism and all forms of racism, extremism, and oppression, and does nothing to actually keep Jews safe. ', criticizing Meta's policy.

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