Backblaze, a storage service that operates over 270,000 HDDs, releases ``statistical data by manufacturer and model 2023'' that summarizes failure rates

Backblaze, which provides cloud storage services, has summarized the failure rate of 269,756 HDDs out of more than 270,000 HDDs operated in data centers, excluding 4400 boot drives and 466 such as data drives in test operation. The data was released.

Backblaze Drive Stats for 2023

Backblaze's geriatric drives kicked the bucket more in 2023 • The Register

There were a total of 35 HDD models operated by Backblaze in 2023, and the largest number of HDDs operated was the 14TB Toshiba ``MC07ACA14TA'' with 37,913 units. The cumulative number of operating days was 13,827,478, the number of failures was 426, and the failure rate was 1.12%.

Of the 35 models, only Seagate's 'ST8000NM000A' had no failures. It was introduced in the third quarter of 2022, and the number of units in operation is 204. Although the cumulative number of operating days is low at 52,876 days, Backblaze analyzes that the fact that there has been no failure for 18 months is a ``good start''.

The total number of failed drives was 4189, and if we consider this as an average for one year, it would be the rate that a failed drive was replaced every 2 hours and 5 minutes. If you limit your work week to 40 hours, you will be replacing drives every 30 minutes.

Comparing the data for three years from 2021 to 2023, it looks like this. In 2023, the average age of drives has increased, and the overall failure rate will be on the rise.

Failure rate graphs by capacity and year are also published. Overall, it can be said that the failure rate of the 10TB model is higher.

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