I tried the 'Raw Black Thunder Classic' which is limited to 200 pieces a day and has the golden ratio of crunchy and smooth.

As Valentine's Day approaches, Yuraku Seika's Valentine's Day event 'Let's give it up. 35 yen Valentine's gift, Black Thunder.' will be held in Tokyo from February 8th (Thursday) to February 11th (Sunday), 2024, and limited quantities will be available at the venue. `` Raw Black Thunder Classic '' is now on sale. The editorial department received Black Thunder, which has reached the golden ratio of crunchy feeling '4' and smoothness '6', so I actually ate it and checked how it differs from the regular version Black Thunder.

'Let's give. Black Thunder, a 35 yen Valentine's gift.' A limited-time event focused on 'giving' | Black Thunder fan site


Black Thunder Valentine Campaign|Black Thunder

This is the 'Raw Black Thunder Classic' (2160 yen including tax), which is limited to the Valentine's Day event.

Ingredients include 'chocolate', 'semi-chocolate', 'fresh cream', 'cocoa cookie', etc. Since a small amount of ``brandy'' is also used, there is a warning that children, pregnant and lactating people, and people who drive should not eat it.

Calories are 1252kcal per 240g bar.

When I opened the box, there was a card with recommended ways to eat it and a packaged 'Raw Black Thunder Classic.'

When you take Black Thunder out of the packaging, it looks like this.

The actual size was 13cm.

It is recommended to let it sit at room temperature for about 15 minutes before eating, so I set the timer for 15 minutes and waited.

The following is a comparison of the cross section with normal black sander after slicing it when it is ready to eat. The regular version looks darker than the 'Raw Black Thunder Classic' probably because it has a higher proportion of quasi-chocolate containing cocoa powder.

Regular black sander is characterized by its crunchy texture and cocoa flavor.

Next, when I try the 'Raw Black Thunder Classic', I can feel the crunchy texture of the cookie and the rich taste of the melting raw chocolate. I don't drink brandy often, so I can't say with confidence that this is a brandy scent, but the fruity aroma that lingers in the aftertaste brings out the chocolate flavor, giving it a rich taste and a light taste typical of Black Thunder. It was a chocolate that had a wonderful combination of tastes.

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