A situation occurred where a vehicle from Google's self-driving car development company Waymo was destroyed by a crowd.

A self-driving car from Waymo , a self-driving car development company from X (formerly Google X) that develops Google's next-generation technology, was destroyed by a crowd in San Francisco, California.

A Mob Just Vandalized A Waymo Self-Driving Car And Set It On Fire. The Videos Are Nuts - The Autopian

A crowd destroyed a driverless Waymo car in San Francisco - The Verge

Around 21:00 local time on February 11, 2024, a person jumped on the hood of a driverless taxi using Waymo's self-driving technology in San Francisco's Chinatown, the windshield was broken, and graffiti was sprayed on the vehicle's body. The windows were broken and the vehicle ultimately burst into flames. According to a report by car media The Autopian, a fire engine arrived several minutes after the vehicle went up in flames, but by then the vehicle was already completely engulfed in flames.

Sandy Karp , community manager at Waymo, told the overseas media The Verge, ``When the unmanned taxi was attacked, there were no passengers on board.'' The person who attacked the unmanned taxi apparently set the vehicle ablaze by breaking the windshield and throwing fireworks into the car. Officer Rueca of the San Francisco Police Department also told The Verge, ``The vehicle was already on fire when we arrived at around 8:50 p.m.'' He added, ``There were no reports of injuries.''

A video of a Waymo driverless taxi bursting into flames after being attacked by a crowd has also been posted on YouTube.

Raw Footage: Waymo vehicle torched in Chinatown San Francisco - YouTube

Software engineer Michael Bendy posted a video of a Waymo driverless taxi on fire on X (formerly Twitter).

A video shot from a different angle.

The San Francisco Fire Department's official .

At the time of writing, no media outlets have reported in detail why Waymo's unmanned taxis were attacked, but The Verge reports that ``growing tensions between San Francisco residents and self-driving cars are behind the attack.'' In 2023, the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) suspended Waymo's driverless taxis from operating in the city after one of its vehicles hit and dragged a pedestrian. It has stopped . Even before that, unmanned taxis had caused chaos in the city, blocking traffic, colliding with fire engines , and colliding with bicycles running behind trucks that were crossing their paths .

San Francisco regulators and residents are objecting to driverless taxis being given permission to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week , with some residents throwing their hats on the hoods of Waymo driverless taxis in protest. Orange cones were placed to prevent vehicles from moving.

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