Amazon lays off hundreds of people in pharmacy and healthcare divisions

It has been revealed that Amazon has laid off hundreds of employees in its pharmacy division ``Amazon Pharmacy'' and healthcare division ``One Medical''.

Amazon cuts hundreds of jobs in Pharmacy, One Medical units: Read memo

Amazon cutting hundreds of jobs in health care units One Medical and Amazon Pharmacy – GeekWire

Amazon Pharmacy is a drug sales business operated by Amazon in the United States, and users can receive services such as ``automatic delivery of drugs on a regular basis'' and ``24-hour consultation service with pharmacists.''

In addition, One Medical is a division that provides telemedicine services such as online medical consultations, and although it was originally an independent company, it was acquired by Amazon in July 2022 and has since been operating as a division of Amazon.

Amazon acquires One Medical, which develops telemedicine services, and plans to revolutionize healthcare by eliminating the hassle of face-to-face medical treatment - GIGAZINE

According to Neil Lindsey, Amazon's senior vice president of healthcare, Amazon has cut hundreds of employees at Amazon Pharmacy and One Medical. Lindsay said: 'We have identified where we can redeploy resources to help people stay healthy. This reallocation allows us to invest in inventions and skills that have a direct impact on people of all ages. You can,” he commented. Furthermore, Lindsey said, ``We have received very strong positive feedback from users across Amazon's healthcare sector,'' indicating that Amazon will continue to invest in the healthcare sector itself.

In addition, Amazon has been proceeding with large-scale personnel reductions since around January 2023, and on January 18, 2023, it started a plan to reduce personnel by over 18,000 people . Furthermore, on March 20, 2023, the company announced that it would cut an additional 9,000 people . The workforce reduction plan also extends to the healthcare sector, and in July 2023, Halo Health, which has been developing healthcare services and hardware, will be closed.

Amazon will close Halo Health, which has developed its own healthcare services and hardware, on July 31st, lay off staff and end sales of all devices - GIGAZINE

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