Headline news for February 1, 2024

Mazda's rotary engine development division 'RE Development Group' has been revived as of February 1, 2024. The revived RE Development Group has gathered 36 engineers and will continue to develop the rotary engine as a generator engine. Furthermore, Mazda's rotary engine models have not appeared since production of the MAZDA RX-8 ended in 2012, but in 2023 the MAZDA MX-30 Rotary-EV will be released as a rotary engine model for the first time in about 11 years. ' has appeared.

MAZDA NEWSROOM Mazda accelerates research and development of rotary engines suitable for the new era | News Release

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The secret to keeping McDonald's from becoming a hangout for delinquents is ``Turn off Wi-Fi and play Beethoven'' - GIGAZINE

Is it true that coffee contains carcinogens? -GIGAZINE

The theory that ``moderate amounts of alcohol is good for your health'' is wrong, and a survey of over 350,000 people found that ``any amount of alcohol harms your heart health'' - GIGAZINE

It was actually after the Industrial Revolution that humans began to sleep soundly from night to morning - GIGAZINE

Friendly and super friendly dogs have a low status in dog society - GIGAZINE

I stayed at Ryokan Seikyu, a mysterious-looking inn that is a registered tangible cultural property and can be stayed from 6000 yen - GIGAZINE

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◆Science (science, academics, technology)
'Photosynthesis': Successful observation of the process in which oxygen molecules are created from water molecules | NHK | Science

The 'warped chair'-shaped catalyst responsible for photosynthesis has succeeded in capturing the moment when water molecules are taken in at the nanosecond level! ~A big step towards the realization of artificial photosynthesis~ - Okayama University, National University Corporation

Achieving the world's lightest coating using structural color ink | Kobe University News Site

◆Society/Politics/Economy (incidents, world news, business)
“Sexual violence victim at Tendai sect temple” Nun alleges disciplinary action against monk and Acharya: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Controversy over disposal of semen from fallen soldiers; Ukrainian parliament to deliberate on repeal bill 1 photo International News: AFPBB News

The Consumer Affairs Agency orders measures to prevent recurrence to four companies, including Kowa and PIP, which claim “space sterilization” but do not show proof in the actual space used.

Representative Mizuami Sugita corrects the omission of 15.64 million yen | Kyodo News

Israeli military injects 'large quantities of water' into suspected Hamas tunnel - CNN.co.jp

Noto Peninsula Earthquake Amid flood of rescue requests, fire command system malfunctions, dispatch commands cannot be operated | NHK | Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

``Itadaki Joshi'' accused of tax evasion; income tax of 40 million yen - Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau: Jiji.com

“I want to go” to the Expo drops to 33%, falls for second consecutive year, Osaka Prefecture and City survey | Kyodo News

Trump says he will 'immediately block' Nippon Steel's acquisition of US Steel if he becomes president: Jiji.com

Violative advertisements for diabetes drugs for dieting purposes increase, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare strengthens measures: Asahi Shimbun Digital

[List] 77 out of 99 members of Abe's 'kickback' group have been corrected. The high-paying members... The income and expenditure has been corrected for 3 years. The full details of the slush fund scandal are unknown: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

'I don't understand' Ishikawa Prefectural Governor Hashiro's 'two-week standby' disaster response angers the two who commanded the '3/11' disaster, 'I have doubts about cooperation with the Self-Defense Forces' | Smart FLASH/Smafura [Kobunsha weekly magazine]

UK foreign secretary says he is 'ready to bring forward recognition of Palestinian state, says 'irreversible progress' is needed for peace - BBC News

30 hidden bodies found in Gaza school; Israel may execute them | Kyodo News

Liberal Democratic Party former political affairs research chairman Shimomura apologizes for political funds but does not consider resigning or leaving the party | NHK | Political funds

[Original] Video of a man believed to be Satoshi Kirishima happily dancing at a bar to music...Obtained | TBS NEWS DIG

Prostitution Brokerage: Three men and women arrested on suspicion of recruiting prostitution in Japan | Mainichi Shimbun

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)
KEISUI ART STUDIO | Closer to the mystery of the rabbit UFO 'Usaho' on the site of the Ibaraki Civic Center.

◆IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
Regarding the termination of “Mercari Post” and “Mercari Station” services | Mercari Co., Ltd.

Announcement of the closure of 'Cominy' | Famitsu.com for the latest information on games and entertainment

SLADO and OSDN will not close down and will seek new hosts | SLADO

``From a consumer's perspective'', the important thing is ``good sound and low price.'' I went to FX-AUDIO- - AV Watch

As of April or June 2024, web accessibility will not be mandatory in Japan yet.

Developing a 13 billion parameter large-scale language model (LLM) with high Japanese accuracy | Ricoh Group Corporate/IR | Ricoh

Crustal movements occurring at DC Ginza “INZAI” A reality that cannot be ignored | Mainichi Shimbun

◆Anime/Games/Manga (Subculture)
'Fate/stay night REMASTERED' Nintendo Switch™/Steam® released video - YouTube

``Sexy Tanaka-san'' Hinako Ashihara (50) suddenly passes away》A viewer points out that ``the drama's official TikTok account is ``liking'' Ashihara's ``critical comments'' in the script episode.'' When asked by NTV for their opinion... | Bunshun online

TV anime “Spice and Wolf merchant meets the wise wolf” 2nd PV/Broadcast starts on TV Tokyo and other channels from April! - YouTube

TV anime 'Acro Trip' teaser PV - YouTube

'Persona 3 Reload' PV04 - YouTube

'Night of the Wizard' Teaser PV 2nd - YouTube

TV anime 'I, the Demon King, married a slave elf, how should I love you?' Main PV first │An Archdemon's Dilemma: How to Love Your Elf Bride│2024 - YouTube

Kiritan vs. a stupid game that protects the house from too many potatoes [Potato Game] - Nico Nico Douga

When Sega was interviewed about the localization of ``Ryu ga Gotoku,'' foreign gamers were flooded with criticism, saying, ``Stop localizing!'' In addition to the translation, changes were made to take account of the shortness of the skirt and religion. - Togetter

[Official] The Laughing Man 2024

DEATH STRANDING 2: ON THE BEACH – State of Play Announce Trailer | [CERO]4K - YouTube

'Zenless Zone Zero' State of Play debut video - YouTube

“Stellar Blade” - Pre-order trailer | PS5® - YouTube

'Street Fighter 6' Fighting Pass 'Get Ready for Ed!' Introduction Video - YouTube

'Zenless Zone Zero' - State of Play Announcement Video | PS5® - YouTube

[Bunbunja] Car hero! Boom boom jar! - YouTube

[Book preview] 'Oppenheimer' March 29th (Friday), nationwide roadshow - YouTube

'Mobile Suit Gundam SEED FREEDOM' main story opening video 'Theme song 'FREEDOM'' - YouTube

Virtual to LIVE [covered by #Nijisanji 1st generation] - YouTube

Tie-up with “Hitorigoto of Pharmacist”|Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

'Ghost in the Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX The Laughing Man' | Main story limited time distribution [until February 3rd (Sat) 23:59] - YouTube

[Limited Time] TV Anime 'Isura' Episode 4 'Nihiro and the World Words of Kia' Main Story - YouTube

Anime “Heat the pork liver” | Final episode PV - YouTube

[Nare Hana Nare] Self-introduction video | Ebuka Kaionji - YouTube

'FOAMSTARS' Season Information Announcement Trailer - YouTube

'Dragon's Dogma 2' Action Trailer - YouTube

'Sonic x Shadow Generations' Announcement Trailer - YouTube

'Alone in the Dark' in 60 seconds - YouTube

'HELLDIVERS 2' - Mission Trailer | PS5® & PC Game - YouTube

'V Rising' - Announcement Trailer | PS5® - YouTube

'SILENT HILL: The Short Message' - Launch Trailer | PS5® - YouTube

'Judas' - Story Trailer | PS5® - YouTube

'Until Dawn - Tragedy's Mountain Villa' - Announcement Trailer | PS5® - YouTube

'Legendary Tales' - Announcement Trailer | PlayStation®VR2 - YouTube

'Metro Awakening' - Trailer released | PlayStation®VR2 - YouTube

“Rise of the Ronin” - Gameplay Introduction | PS5® - YouTube

'Jujutsu Kaisen Senka Soran' Launch Trailer - YouTube

'SILENT HILL 2' - Combat Trailer | PS5® - YouTube

Physint - Director Hideo Kojima announces production of 'action espionage game' | PlayStation® - YouTube

'NARAKA: BLADEPOINT' PS5® version | New Musha 'Weikyu' trailer - YouTube

[Collapse: Star Rail] Journey around a thousand stars PV 'Reminiscence of old dreams' - YouTube

'Collapse: Star Rail' OP: 'WHITE NIGHT' - YouTube

'Shanghai Summer' - Release date announcement trailer | PS5® & PS4® - YouTube

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)

All Japan Judo reinstates flag judgment/Sports/Daily Sports online

Kotonowaka promoted to ozeki 'dedicated to sumo with a feeling of gratitude' speech at the ceremony | NHK | Grand Sumo

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《Persona Series x Koikeya》 Collaboration with “Persona 5 Series” and “Persona 3 Reload” has been realized! Pre-orders start today at Koikeya Online Shop!

(PDF file) New release of 'Spicy and Delicious Yangnyeom Tori Tatsuta Burger ~Smooth Cheese Sauce~' featuring 'exciting' and 'addictive' spiciness using Korean gochujang | Mos Burger

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