Microsoft executive criticizes ``Apple's new policy on alternative app stores is a step in the wrong direction''

Apple is finally allowing third-party app stores for the iPhone, but it's also adding strict policies. The president of Xbox, Microsoft's gaming division, criticized the App Store's new policy as ``a step in the wrong direction.''

Microsoft says Apple's new App Store rules are 'a step in the wrong direction' - The Verge

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Apple will add new policies to the App Store, the official app store for iOS, in January 2024, finally allowing app developers to distribute their apps on third-party app stores and use third-party payment services. acknowledged.

Apple allows sideloading and payments outside the App Store in the EU in response to the Digital Markets Act, but strict conditions and new fees will be added - GIGAZINE

However, it has also announced that it will impose a new fee, the Core Technology Fee (CTF), when distributing apps on third-party app stores. The CTF states that ``For iOS apps distributed in third-party app stores, a payment of 0.5 euro (approximately 80 yen) will be required for each install after the first 1 million installs.'' Therefore, it has been pointed out that it is difficult for developers of free and freemium apps to distribute their apps on third-party app stores.

Apple's ``core technology fee'' of approximately 80 yen per install for iOS apps could bankrupt developers of free and freemium apps - GIGAZINE

Regarding the new App Store policy announced by Apple, companies such as Spotify and Epic Games, which have continued to criticize that ``the fees collected by the App Store are too high,'' have expressed criticism one after another.

In a follow-up, Sarah Bond, president of Microsoft's gaming division, Xbox, said, ``We believe that constructive conversations drive change and progress toward open platforms and increased competition.'' Apple's new policies for the App Store are a step in the wrong direction. We listen to the feedback on Apple's proposed plan and hope they can work toward a more inclusive future for everyone. 'I posted it on X (old Twitter).

Microsoft is planning to launch an Xbox-branded mobile game app store , and Mr. Bond is in a position to oversee these plans as president of Xbox. Microsoft's planned Xbox mobile game store is designed to be a better destination for mobile game apps than official mobile OS app stores such as Apple's App Store or Google's Google Play. It is planned to be a distribution source for game applications such as Call of Duty Mobile and Candy Crush Saga.

In addition, when Apple added new policies to the App Store, it changed its guidelines to allow distribution of cloud game apps (game streaming apps) that had been prohibited until now . Therefore, Microsoft may also release an iOS app version of its own cloud gaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

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