X (formerly Twitter) audio/video call function now compatible with Android

On January 19, 2024, X (formerly Twitter) announced that the ``audio/video calling function'' that was previously included in the iOS version of the app is now available for Android.

Audio and Video Calls


X is rolling out audio and video calls to Android | TechCrunch


X introduces audio and video calls for Android users

X's audio/video calling feature, which was introduced in October 2023, allows you to select who you want to call from among 'users registered in your address book,' 'users you follow,' and 'authenticated users.' This is a function that allows you to make a call by tapping the receiver icon from the DM of the person you want to talk to. The following article provides a detailed summary of the 'Audio/Video call function'.

Audio/video call function now available on X (formerly Twitter) - GIGAZINE

The audio/video calling feature was initially limited to the iOS version, but on January 19, 2024, X engineer Enrique Barragan announced, ``Voice and video calling in X will be available for Android users today. It will be released gradually from now on. Please update the app and enjoy calling your mother.'

Similar to the iOS version, the Android version also allows you to ``enable audio/video calling functions'' and select the person you can call from among ``users registered in your address book,'' ``users you follow,'' and ``authenticated users.'' It is possible to.

Although all users can answer incoming calls, only subscribers to the paid subscription ' X Premium ' can initiate calls using the audio/video call function. I am.

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