Headline news for January 22, 2024

The teaser PV ver.2 of WOWOW's original anime ' Bye Bye, Earth ' has been released. The original work is a novel by To Ubukata, and the director is Yasuto Nishikata, who directed ``The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky'' and ``Hortensia Saga.'' The animation will be produced by Leiden Film.

[Teaser PV ver.2] Original anime 'Bye Bye, Earth' Broadcast/Distribution in 2024 [WOWOW] - YouTube

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A mysterious code left by my grandmother that remained unsolved for 20 years is being solved at lightning speed by the collective intelligence of the internet - GIGAZINE

What is the one move taken by the development studio that lost all of the game's sales? -GIGAZINE

``Lego investment'' is a more profitable investment than stocks and gold, with an average annual yield of 11% - GIGAZINE

Rijksmuseum is releasing over 700,000 high-resolution paintings and works of art for free and copyright-free - GIGAZINE

The existence of birds that hunt using fire is confirmed - GIGAZINE

I checked the performance of the ``vacuum insulated carbonated bottle'' that allows you to carry carbonated drinks cold - GIGAZINE

Why do dogs become ``feces eaters'' who eat their own poop? -GIGAZINE

'Pointing confirmation' supports the accuracy and reliability of Japan's railway system - GIGAZINE

I went to eat the famous menu ``Curry Chinese'' at Kyoto's long-established restaurant ``Kyoichi Honten'', where the curry is about to overflow from the bowl - GIGAZINE

The list of all 143 people who were given mass pardons and commutations of sentences by Mr. Trump just before leaving office looks like this - GIGAZINE

The face of a ``9000-year-old teenager'' is restored in detail from the skeleton, and it looks like this - GIGAZINE

``It's better not to be too conscious of trying to impress people'', interview with director Jyoji Matsuoka of the movie ``Midnight Diner'' - GIGAZINE

``I want to make a robot that can be ridden'', we interviewed Kogoro Kurata, the iron artist who created Scope Dog - GIGAZINE

◆Network (memos, etc.)

Destruction-breaking zodiac 4WD 'King Ghidorah' - Nico Nico Douga

Video of magnetic downforce mini 4WD 'Magnet System 2' - Nico Nico Douga

◆Science (science, academics, technology)
JAXA | About the results of the small lunar landing demonstrator (SLIM) landing on the moon

[Japan's first successful lunar landing] At the press conference for the small lunar landing demonstration vehicle SLIM, a reporter asked a question to people with dark expressions for some reason, and the answers were interesting - Togetter

Castle archaeologist Dr. Senda strongly opposes the plan to use ``unfortunate stones'' that were not used in the stone walls of Osaka Castle as ``pillars for toilets at the Expo'' - Togetter

Is talent born or nurtured? Genetics, environment, effort, answers from a survey of 10,000 twin pairs: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The final lecture of Lovejoy's 'The Great Chain of Existence': The chain of existence is a broken and meaningless idea - Hiroo Yamagata's 'Economic Triset'

Successful development of tough fluorescent self-healing material | RIKEN

JAXA turns off power to lunar probe “Possibility of recovery by generating electricity from sunlight” | NHK | Moon landing

◆Society/Politics/Economy (incidents, world news, business)
A 14-year-old instructs a 22-year-old to leave suspicious objects at Shibuya Station; claims to be a member of the Koushin Sect: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Narrative that moves people: Osaka clinic arson: ``expanded suicide'' that suspect may have intended / Part 2 | Mainichi Shimbun

Vending machine installed at Ishikawa/Anamizu High School destroyed, Hokuriku Coca-Cola reported damage... 100 residents evacuated to: Yomiuri Shimbun

[Breaking News] Seiko Hashimoto announces “20.57 million unstated” income from Abe faction, denies resignation from lawmaker | TBS NEWS DIG

Starting from June, 7,700 yen per case will be collected to stop the use of ambulances for convenient use Mie/Matsusaka City | Evening edition Mie electronic edition YoMotto

Three accounting managers accused: ``I'm an amateur in the world of politics'' Some say ``I feel sorry for them'': Asahi Shimbun Digital

Tatsuo Fukuda “Creating a new group” Grandson of the founder of the Abe faction | Kyodo News

Lithium deposit discovered in Thailand, reserves approximately 15 million tons, third largest in the world 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

Mizuami Sugita ``Unavoidable'' disbanding Abe faction; ``was completely unaware'' of his own kickback: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Social Democratic Party leader Fukushima agrees with China to oppose release of treated water, talks with fourth-ranking Communist Party leader in Beijing - Sankei News

Houthis promise safety to Russian and Chinese ships on Red Sea voyage 3 photos International News: AFPBB News

A total of 3 vending machines were destroyed at the evacuation site without the permission of the person in charge... ``Disaster relief type'' where you can take out the machines for free if you open the key: Yomiuri Shimbun

Emergency transport in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture, ``7,700 yen'' to be collected if not hospitalized...With rapid increase in dispatches, ``lives that could be saved are not being saved'': Yomiuri Shimbun

Liberal Democratic Party recommends personnel from factions and bans parties in response to secret money scandal | Mainichi Shimbun

Is there a “water drop check” after taking a bath on a school trip? Teachers visually inspect naked students... Junior high school 'necessary guidance' (Nishinippon Shimbun) - Yahoo! News

JR Nanao Line Hakui Station - Nanao Station restarts operations from the first train on the 22nd Ishikawa Prefecture | NHK | Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

JR Nanao Line restoration work January 7, 2024 Shikinami - Minami Hakui - Hakui [*All proceeds from this video will be donated to Hakui City] - YouTube

Collecting money for the minister's post, entertaining bureaucrats with free money...no need for receipts, avoiding criticism: Yomiuri Shimbun

[Disaster victim cries] Ryotaro Sugi: “A fake name? I don’t care.” The “hypocrisy” of running a soup kitchen entirely out of pocket on the Noto Peninsula, resulting in 4 billion yen of personal funds | NEWS Post Seven

Shiga nuclear power plant: Complete recovery expected to take more than half a year; troubles continue | NHK | Nuclear power plants in various locations

``A store where an infected person stopped by'' Customers disappeared after the governor's words... A long-established ramen shop owner's despair Was the government's response to the coronavirus really appropriate? Infectious disease countermeasures to consider now | 47NEWS

Takahama Nuclear Power Plant Unit 1 continues to have problems; output is lowered and investigated; no radioactivity effects | NHK | Nuclear power plants in various locations

House of Representatives member Yaichi Tanikawa submits resignation over political funding party | NHK | Political funding

``Feeling friendly'' China 12.7% Russia 4.1% Record low Cabinet Office survey | NHK | China

Company executive arrested on suspicion of violating new AV law for filming AV without issuing contract | NHK | Incident

Ukraine attacks St. Petersburg with domestically produced drone, flying 1,250 km | Reuters

Former LDP Secretary-General Nikai intends to disband the Nikai faction over political funding incident | NHK | Political funding

Regarding errors in the notification document regarding the results of the “FY2020 Survey on Transactions with Subcontractors” (METI/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Seven pro-Abe executives give up on prosecution; Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office special investigation department over ticket issue | Mainichi Shimbun

Young pro-Abe politicians agree to disband the faction, including former Chairman of the Board of Internal Affairs and Communications Tatsuo Fukuda | Mainichi Shimbun

Couple killed in light passenger car hit by large truck on highway; driver arrested released | MBS News

A light passenger car is severely damaged, killing two men and women; a large truck rear-ends the Hanshin Expressway... the driver is arrested | MBS News

North Korea conducts ``important test of nuclear torpedoes'' to counter Japan-U.S.-South Korea drills: Jiji.com

Mr. Hagiuda's slush fund, 27.28 million yen over 5 years ``Kept in a drawer in the office'' [Liberal Democratic Party]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Lawmaker Yaichi Tanigawa tenders his resignation and apologizes at a press conference ``I'm trying to raise enough money to become a minister'' [Liberal Democratic Party] [Nagasaki Prefecture]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)

KEISUI ART STUDIO | A story about 'Yuki-onna only gives birth to girls.'

KEISUI ART STUDIO | New Year's leftovers are now available in stores for cheap.

In movies, there are scenes where line infantry continues to move forward without breaking the formation even if they are shot by the opponent, but is it really possible? - Togetter

If you are arrested for civil disorder--consult immediately! | Lawyer's Freedom Book

Disgust towards “silence” - From the minutes of an opinion exchange meeting with a former judge - | Kanaoka Law Office, a law firm in Naka-ku, Nagoya

Manabu Manjome receives the Naoki Prize - Anyone who passes through this gate should give up all high hopes.

◆IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
A story about upgrading Hatena Blog's DB to RDS for MySQL 8.0 - Hatena Developer Blog

Yamagata City picks up 'bulky garbage' large furniture for free and puts it on Mercari for a flat fee of 300 yen...More than 70% of it sells in one month: Yomiuri Shimbun

Introduction to programming language HTML

How to write highly efficient SQL queries #SQL - Qiita

What is green software? - YAMDAS current update history

Since it's the first year of AI, let the AI think of a theme for the picture, have it draw it, and set it as the desktop wallpaper - hitode909's diary

Developing personality reproduction dialogue technology that efficiently reproduces individual utterances in a large-scale language model - By applying it to the NTT version of LLM 'tsuzumi', it is possible to generate the person's digital alter ego at low cost - | News Release | NTT

Notice of termination of SLADO | SLADO

In order to review regulations specifying floppy disks (FDs), etc. as recording media, we have amended the ministerial ordinances under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Digital Principles) (METI/Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

Efforts to review analog regulations | Digital Agency

Don't underestimate DMARC - Bengo4.com Creators' blog

I pre-ordered Apple Vision Pro Apple's aim is 'Entertainment of Spatial Computing' [Munchika Nishida's Imato Future] - Impress Watch

Are old thermometers unable to measure accurately? We asked Omron - Impress Watch

A story about rejecting a reseller who asked me to return junk items on Mercari | Yotsuba 3-chome

Programming work is being taken away by AI - k0kubun's blog

◆Anime/Games/Manga (Subculture)
The outrageous Princess Rize thrusts her toothbrush into Derron's mouth (dream) [Hand-drawn] [Nijisanji] [Rize Hell Esta] [Ange Katrina] [Kaede Higuchi] - Nico Nico Douga

Thoughts on the 'hole in the Famicom cassette' - Does Nintendo dream of sticking a tester stick in it? ~ | Famicom stuff!!

“The Birth of Kitaro: The Mystery of Gegege” is a waste: Roman Yuko serialization 275 | True Story BUNKA Online

[Buruaka] 5th PV - YouTube

[Buruaka TV Anime] Teaser PV - YouTube

I've finally started watching the controversial game Chaotic Monster Game Pal World, which is about to be released. 1 - Niconico Douga

'Welcome back now' special news PV - YouTube

TV anime “Until I become the strongest with [Status Abnormal Skill] in the losing frame and trample everything” Teaser PV - YouTube

TV anime “Until I become the strongest with [Status Abnormal Skill] in the losing frame and trample everything” Teaser PV - YouTube

TV anime ``How to conquer another world alone'' special video - YouTube

TV anime ``A relaxing life in another world of a former hero candidate who was a cheat from Lv2'' 2nd PV - YouTube

TV anime “The Irregular at Magic High School” 3rd season character PV (Tatsuya Shiba Ver.) | Broadcast starts from April 2024! - YouTube

[Last 5 minutes of the main story] TV anime “My Heart’s Dangerous Guy” Episode 15 | Special release! - YouTube

《Limited time》 Episode 1! Original anime “Butchigiri?!” now on special release! / 'BUCCHIGIRI?!' Ep.1 Limited Time Streaming Campaign (~4/8) - YouTube

'BUCCHIGIRI?!' Non-credit ending / 'BUCCHIGIRI?!' Ending Movie│Koda Mahiru 'Love Juteem' - YouTube

[Weakest Tamer] Non-telop ED video released! - YouTube

[Weakest Tamer] Non-telop OP video released! - YouTube

[Cherry Maho | Non-telop ED] TV anime 'Apparently you can become a wizard if you are a virgin until the age of 30' Non-telop ED video | 'Magical Love' / Kiyoshi Adachi & Yuichi Kurosawa (CV. Chiaki Kobayashi, Ryota Suzuki) - YouTube

[Maho Cheri | Non-telop OP] TV anime 'Apparently you can become a wizard if you are a virgin until the age of 30' Non-telop OP video | 'Everything is good for you the first time' / I can't make a sound - YouTube

'A blessing to this wonderful world! ” Retrospective PV ~Dawn of Adventurer Kazuma~ - YouTube

'BUCCHIGIRI?!' Non-credit opening / 'BUCCHIGIRI?!' Opening Movie│Kroi 'Sesame' - YouTube

Easy to understand in 1 minute! Tekken Series [Revised] - YouTube

'AI LIMIT' Reborn - Official Trailer - YouTube

[Genshin] Stop motion animation 'Zuijushouden' - YouTube

'Ghostrunner 2' - 'Dragon Pack' Announcement Trailer - YouTube

[Genshin] Ver.4.4 Official PV 'Colorful Paper Tobi, Come Spring' - YouTube

``The story of how I completely stopped trying to hold back'' and succeeded in losing 17kg in the easiest way in my life. Once I realized that there was something more important than losing weight, I succeeded in losing 17kg in the easiest way in my life. *Manga explanation With - Togetter

While painting a plastic model, when you bring a brush close to the model, the paint sprays on itself as if you were using an airbrush...a strange phenomenon? → “It’s static electricity.” - Togetter

Various Tekken illustrations | Cute free material collection Irasutoya

The background behind the commotion that horror and novels don't go well together - Anonimasu Tribal

[Teaser PV ver.2] Original anime 'Bye Bye, Earth' Broadcast/Distribution in 2024 [WOWOW] - YouTube

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)
《Weekly Bunshun》 Hitoshi Matsumoto ``The whole story of the scary ``SEX payment system'' 4th woman testifies about ``one night in Osaka'' Trying to be alone with ``Tamuken Time''...Ritz Carlton suite ``Today's 'Don't say anything about that,' he told her to keep quiet for 3,000 yen | Bunshun Online

Hitoshi Matsumoto sues Weekly Bunshun, demanding 550 million yen in damages from publisher Bungeishunju: Sports Hochi

Yoshio Kojima discusses how to overcome bullying with 6th grade girls who are worried about being hit, called names, and living in hell | Overview | AERA dot.

◆New products (clothing, food, housing)
[Industry's first challenge] The unique collaboration between Pizza Hut and Tenkaichippin is finally released! “Rich-style ramen pizza” is a fusion of Tenichi’s taste and pizza! – Pizzahut Japan official website

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