US and UK launch retaliation against Houthi militants who repeatedly attacked ships in Yemen's civil war

In response to a series of attacks on ships by the Houthi armed group in the Red Sea, located west of Yemen and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, the United States and Britain attacked several Houthi strongholds.

US, UK launch large-scale retaliatory strikes against Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen - ABC News

US and UK conduct strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen to retaliate for spate of attacks - CBS News

In Yemen, a civil war continues between the regime supported by Saudi Arabia and the Houthi rebels supported by Iran. The Houthis have been pro-Iranian, anti-American, and anti-Israel, and have repeatedly carried out attacks such as seizing Israeli-registered ships passing through the Red Sea and ships headed for Israel.

In addition, an American drone supporting Israel has been shot down near Yemen, and in response, the United States has shot down missiles fired at Israel, leading to attacks and defenses involving multiple countries. It was also reported that shipping companies were being forced to avoid routes through the Red Sea and instead choose routes that circumnavigated the African continent in order to avoid war.

95% of container ships avoid the Suez Canal and choose a route around the Cape of Good Hope, as attacks on ships by the Houthis continue in the Yemeni civil war - GIGAZINE

On January 11, 2024, the United States and the United Kingdom announced that they had attacked a Houthi stronghold near the Red Sea, following continued attacks on ships in the Red Sea by the Houthis. President Joe Biden has acknowledged the attack and signaled he may take further steps to ensure free trade.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said in a statement that 'the airstrikes were limited, necessary and reasonable' and that the Netherlands, Canada and Bahrain had provided 'non-operational support'.

According to

the BBC , Tomahawk cruise missiles fired from U.S. military jets and U.S. warships struck more than a dozen locations, including Yemen's capital Sanaa and the Houthi Red Sea port base of Hodeidah, while British missiles launched from Akrotiri Air Base in Cyprus Four Air Force Typhoons reportedly carried out airstrikes on two Houthi targets. The US attack reportedly used the Florida, an Ohio-class nuclear submarine that was deployed around the Middle East in November 2023.

President Biden said: ``Today, at my direction, American forces, together with the United Kingdom, conducted a successful attack against the Houthis that endangers one of the world's most important waterways.'' This is in direct response to the unprecedented Houthi attack on shipping.'

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