Headline news for January 9, 2024

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It has been decided that an anime sequel to the dark fantasy manga ' Dorohedoro ' by Kyu Hayashida, drawn with a unique touch and worldview, will be produced. 'Dorohedoro' was made into an anime by MAPPA in 2020, and fans called 'Doroheads' have been expressing their expectations for a sequel.

Hayashida's comments congratulating him on the decision to produce a sequel are as follows.

I couldn't be happier that they are making a continuation of the Dorohedoro anime! Thank you very much to everyone involved.
Actually, production has been progressing little by little for quite some time, and I was really looking forward to seeing the progress.
It's been a while since the first season, but I hope you'll come back into the world of Dorohedoro anime once again.

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A maker of adult toys for women wins an award at the world's largest consumer electronics trade show, but the award is stripped away for stupid reasons - GIGAZINE

The internal structure of the transmitter 'DDR Type 2' used by secret police Stasi spies during the former East Germany era is amazing - GIGAZINE

Alcohol poisoning may occur because alcohol affects brain memory - GIGAZINE

Research results show that trickle down does not exist and ``supporting the wealthy does not make the poor rich'' - GIGAZINE

A man's heartbreaking cry that ``a woman on a dating app was a program'', total damage exceeds 17 billion yen - GIGAZINE

It turns out that it will be possible to harvest wheat and other crops six times a year by cultivating crops using LED light - GIGAZINE

Why is the market price of used tractors manufactured 40 years ago soaring? -GIGAZINE

The possibility has emerged that the noise that was said to be an acoustic attack by Cuba was the sound of crickets - GIGAZINE

◆Network (memos, etc.)

Session: Skate Sim is a chaotic skateboarding game where you'll die no matter what. 2 - Niconico Douga

Video of the high-speed Panjang drum 'Tri Panjang' - Nico Nico Douga

◆Science (science, academics, technology)
``Practicing throwing things away'' at a virtual home is effective for hoarders, research | National Geographic Japan version site

Why have modern humans (WEIRD) acquired a psychological state that is so different from previous societies? ─ ``WEIRD The strange psychology of modern people: The origins of economic prosperity, democracy, and individualism'' - Basic reading

US private unmanned lunar lander launches; if landing is successful, it will be the world's first privately-run lander | NHK | Moon landing challenge

[Relationship between maternal folic acid blood concentration during pregnancy and the onset of Kawasaki disease in infancy] | National Center for Child Health and Development

Elucidation of the mechanism by which the intellectual disability-related protein LGI3 controls neurotransmission in the brain - Nagoya University Research Results Information

Elucidation of the epigenomic pathogenesis of Parkinson's disease - Expected as a target for the development of new treatment to suppress progression - | Press releases and research results | Tohoku University -TOHOKU UNIVERSITY-

Succeeded in generating electromotive force using the magneto-thermoelectric effect of topological magnetic materials. Thermoelectric conversion operation is possible even under zero magnetic field, and is expected to lead to energy creation and savings | Press Releases / Research Results | Tohoku University -TOHOKU UNIVERSITY-

Simultaneous thermal control of ferroelectricity and ferromagnetism using chloride - Development of multiferroics in chloride - | Press release / Research results | Tohoku University -TOHOKU UNIVERSITY-

Elucidation of the multi-layered society of proboscis monkeys - Possibility of a patrilineal multi-layered society - | Kyoto University

Developing a method to mass-produce seaweed that suppresses methane gas in cow burps | Press Release | Kajima Corporation

◆Society/Politics/Economy (incidents, world news, business)
``No one took out the luggage or got upset.'' ``After evacuating, we formed a circle of 10 people holding hands at the direction of the CA.'' A male passenger describes what happened at the time: Yomiuri Shimbun

[Breaking news] Aso and Suga appointed as advisors to the Liberal Democratic Party Reform Headquarters | 47NEWS (Yonnana News)

Influenza and coronavirus infections increase at evacuation centers in Ishikawa Prefecture | NHK | 2020 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

Focus: Large fire at Haneda accident, first opportunity to verify safety of carbon fiber composite materials | Reuters

ISIS claims responsibility for serial explosions in Iran, killing 84 people (1/2) - CNN.co.jp

[Drone footage] The damage in Ishikawa and Wajima City, where a large-scale fire burned about 200 buildings, was shot from above [Noto Peninsula Earthquake] Japan Earthquake, Drone footage of Wajima - YouTube

Yamapan, Nissin, and Unicharm will transport supplies from the next day → The cost will be paid later by the government [Noto Peninsula Earthquake]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Memo regarding the misinformation in the Yomiuri Shimbun article about ``theft by destroying vending machines'' at Anamizu High School - Cyber Dust

<1.1 Great Earthquake> Vending machine destroyed for evacuees 'to secure drinking water' Anamizu High | Society | Ishikawa News | Hokkoku Shimbun

Background that it is not easy to dispatch or increase the number of Self-Defense Forces Differences between the Noto Peninsula earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquake | Mainichi Shimbun

[Original] Liberal Democratic Party/Abe faction, House of Representatives member Yoshitaka Ikeda to be arrested as of today; Political Funds Control Law case involving faction party tickets Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Department | NTV NEWS NNN

What happened on the JAL plane in the Haneda crash that took 18 minutes until all passengers and crew were evacuated? – Latest information on the travel and aviation industries − Aviation Newspaper Company

Japan Meteorological Agency 'Earthquake Early Warning' 9th and 10th Announcement may be delayed by up to 15 seconds due to maintenance in some areas | NHK | Earthquake

Former Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka's residence burns down after a fire breaks out; Makiko Tanaka ``lighted incense inside the building'' Mejirodai, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo | NHK | Tokyo

Recording media destroyed before searching for affiliates of House of Representatives member Yoshitaka Ikeda; evidence destroyed | NHK | Political funds

``If we were waiting for aid, we would all have gone hungry'' Many residents were overflowing with disaster victims and opened their own evacuation shelters One week after the Noto Peninsula earthquake: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Noto Peninsula Earthquake Ishikawa A total of 13 people are confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus at three evacuation centers in Shiga Town. Health management is difficult due to people coming and going and water outages | NHK | Reiwa 6 Noto Peninsula Earthquake

``Noto's main artery'' is severed, a single national highway on a remote island poses all obstacles | Mainichi Shimbun

Three years after the Capitol attack, the brutality and racism witnessed at the scene - CNN.co.jp

Fire at former Tanaka Kakuei residence: Makiko ``forgot to put out incense sticks'', both husband and wife safe Mejirodai: Asahi Shimbun Digital

This year's biggest risk is 'dividing America' US research company | NHK | Former President Trump

Israel: “Full-scale attack on Hezbollah is approaching” Tensions rise | Mainichi Shimbun

◆Lifestyle (life, life, health)
Gifted education that attracts outstanding children fails: ``It's not just about IQ'' lessons from the school: Asahi Shimbun Digital

How should a person with a disability respond when asked, 'How can I help you in an emergency?' Things to think about from the JAL plane accident where there were two passengers in wheelchairs - Togetter

I researched and thought about the bicycle usage environment in Osaka [Nagara Bridge Kitazume Edition] | Sumizu

I will cook the entire boar half! ! [New Year's Zodiac Cooking Party] [Roast, Pie Wrapping, Jambon Persier] - Nico Nico Douga

[Collaboration] Tsumugi Kasukabe eating monkey meat [New Year's Zodiac Cooking Party] - Nico Nico Douga

When I asked a mass retailer to repair an air conditioner I bought at a home appliance store, I was disappointed in the response from the outsourced electrician - Togetter

When I went to Costco, I felt the difference in housing and town planning, saying, ``Society is completely different based on the assumption that you can stockpile at home.'' - Togetter

A story of being charged 500,000 yen when moving out of a rental property, but after taking various measures, I eventually got my security deposit back|namonaki

Arrival | Sandwich Man Takeshi Tomizawa Official Blog “Please remember even just my name when you go home” Powered by Ameba

A story about how I saw darkness when I mustered up the courage to go to an Instagram beauty salon in Harajuku as a high school student → Something in me was definitely distorted at that time - Togetter

KEISUI ART STUDIO | It's a shame that New Year's manju sweets all look different but taste the same.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | The beauty of New Year's 'leaf buttons' touches your heart.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | I bought 'Spring Nanakusa Chazuke' from Dry Foods, but there were so few seven herbs that I couldn't tell them apart.

KEISUI ART STUDIO | I tried the white mold type Brie cheese that I bought at Costco.

◆IT/gadgets (net/software/hardware/mobile)
Suspicious vehicle hoax during the Noto Peninsula earthquake - Cyber Dust

YOSHIKI: ``It's gone too far'' ``Legislation is not progressing''... warns against music using generated AI: Yomiuri Shimbun

When my grandmother goes to bed, I can't insert the DB #RaspberryPi - Qiita

``In the end, I got a criminal record.'' What happens when the victim gets serious about slander on SNS? Immediate identification → refusal of compensation → prosecution → fine | 47NEWS

Release of S-E100, an interchangeable lens for full-frame mirrorless single-lens camera L-mount system | Products for individuals | Products and services | Press release | Panasonic Newsroom Japan : Panasonic Newsroom Japan

This year's calligraphy coding will create an AITuber!

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[Auspicious item] I tried making a hellish osechi dish with a VTuber-like senpai lol - YouTube

'Funeral Free Ren' New Character PV [Kanne] Voice: Azumi Waki / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

'Funeral Freelen' New Character PV [Lavigne] Voice: Sayumi Suzushiro / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

TV anime “The Irregular at Magic High School” 3rd season main PV | Broadcast starts in April 2024 - YouTube

TV anime 'The Irregular at Magic High School' new series opening theme song artist released video - YouTube

Anime “The Irregular at Magic High School” 10th anniversary year commemorative PV - YouTube

[Ron (CV. Satoshi Hino)] 'Surgeon Elise' character PV | TV anime to start broadcasting on Wednesday, January 10th - YouTube

“King Ranking” Episode 1 “The Naked Prince” [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited distribution for 2 weeks. Until January 18th (Thursday) - YouTube

TV anime 'Urusei Yatsura' 5th PV - YouTube

'Wonder Egg Priority' Episode 1 'Children's Territory' [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 18th (Thursday) - YouTube

[Adored by Magical Girls] Non-credit opening | NACHERRY 'My dream girls' - YouTube

[Adored by a Magical Girl] Non-credit ending | Enormita 'Thorny Sadistic' - YouTube

TV anime “Ishura” non-credit opening video / “Fallen to Shura” sajou no hana - YouTube

TV anime “Incorrect use of healing magic” web preview | Episode 1 “Caught up in another world!” - YouTube

“Darwin’s Game” Episode 1 “First Game” [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 17th (Wednesday) - YouTube

``Do you like your mother whose normal attack is an all-over attack and double attack? 'Episode 1 'I thought a boy's grand adventure was about to begin...Huh, what is this...?' [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Until January 16th (Tuesday) - YouTube

'Magia Record Puella Magi Madoka Magica Gaiden 2nd SEASON -The Night Before Awakening-' Episode 1 'I felt like we could all become magical girls' [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Until January 16th (Tuesday) - YouTube

'Sarazanmai' Episode 1 'First Plate: I want to connect, but I want to lie' [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 16th (Tuesday) - YouTube

“Demon Slayer: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” Kamado Tanjiro Risshi Hen” Episode 1 “Cruel” [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited distribution for 2 weeks. Until January 16th (Tuesday) - YouTube

“Cells at Work!” Episode 1 “Pneumococcus” [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 15th (Monday) - YouTube

“PERSONA5 the Animation” Episode 1 “I am thou, thou art I” [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 15th (Monday) - YouTube

“Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online” Episode 1 “Squad Jam” [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 15th (Monday) - YouTube

'Fate/EXTRA Last Encore' Episode 1 'Now is the depths of old limbo - Preteritus Limbus Volago' [Aniplex TV Anime Theater] *Limited delivery for 2 weeks. Until January 15th (Monday) - YouTube

TV anime “Sasaki and Pee-chan” PV 3rd [Broadcast starts on January 5, 2024 at the first 1 hour special! ] - YouTube

TV anime “The Quintessential Quintuplets” 5th Anniversary PV - YouTube

'Night of the Wizard' Teaser PV 2nd - YouTube

RWBY for busy people ~ Thousands of years of history explained in 4 minutes ~ *Spoiler alert - YouTube

Original TV animation 'HIGH CARD' season 2 episode 1 'KNIGHTMARE' opening video - YouTube

TV anime 'Villain's Daughter Level 99' Character PV [Eleanora] - YouTube

TV anime “Raguna Crimson” 2nd cool PV | Every Saturday from 25:00 ONAIR! - YouTube

[Preview] TV anime 'I was kicked out of the hero's party because I wasn't a true friend, so I decided to live a slow life in the middle of nowhere 2nd' Episode 1 preview - YouTube

TEKKEN 8 - CM 'Punch your fate' Ver.2 - YouTube

'Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown' - World View Trailer - YouTube

'Street Fighter 6' Fighting Pass 'CAPCOM CUP Supporter' introduction video - YouTube

GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation #1 'Blue Girl' Limited time release - YouTube

'Persona 3 Reload' Opening Video - YouTube

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Experience next-generation immersion! | PlayStation®5 - YouTube

PS4 version R-TYPE FINAL 2 now on sale / PlayStation Plus game catalog eligible titles - YouTube

'Fate/Samurai Remnant' DLC 1st Teaser Trailer - YouTube

GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink - CM 'It's coming, Relink.' - YouTube

SYMBIOGENESIS Main Visual teaser - YouTube

A manga otaku's thoughts on the cancellation of serialization in a monthly magazine|Juso Hidaka

Production of the movie 'BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!!' has been decided. | News | Anime 'BanG Dream! It's MyGO!!!!!' official website

For some reason, I was called to a lively Pokemon commentary tournament, so I had no choice but to self-destruct. [Pokemon Fes Pokemon SV VOICEROID Live Commentary] - Nico Nico Douga

[Hand-drawn] Hajime Bancho is asked questions by reporters Mio and Fubuki - Nico Nico Douga

Director Hayao Miyazaki's 'How Are You Living?' Selected for Best Animated Film at the US Golden Globe Awards, the first Japanese film to win | NHK | Anime

I'm sad that I wasn't satisfied with the ending of Sega's discontinued social game ``404 GAME RE:SET''. - Travel information radio transmission station

A story about a code hidden in Nanjamo's illustration: Diary

| Micchan's skin | SHURO |

“Street Fighter 6” x “Movie SPY x FAMILY CODE: White” special collaboration begins! - YouTube

[Notice] Regarding the death of Mr. Shichisan Taro | Monthly Shonen Magazine / Shonen Magazine R Official Site

2nd course non-credit OP “Ire” | TV anime “SYNDUALITY Noir” - YouTube

2nd course non-credit ED 'Drifters' | TV anime 'SYNDUALITY Noir' - YouTube

'Funeral Free Ren' New Character PV [Denken] Voice: Jiro Saito / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

'Kizumogatari -Koyomi Vamp-' character introduction video 06 | Kiss Shot - YouTube

Anime 'Tenkan Tifuku 貮' Japanese dubbed version non-credit ending video [krage 'Shunso'] - YouTube

Anime “Tenkan Tifuku 貮” Japanese dubbed version opening video [Sid “Omekage”] - YouTube

'Funeral Freeren' New Character PV [Viabel] Voice: Kisho Taniyama / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

'Funeral Freelen' New Character PV [Ere] Voice: Kanae Ito / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

TV anime “Shangri-La Frontier” 2nd season non-credit ED|ReoNa “Gajumaru ~Heaven in the Rain~” - YouTube

TV anime “Shangri-La Frontier” 2nd season non-credit OP|FZMZ feat. icy “Danger Danger” - YouTube

TV anime 'Metallic Rouge' Non-credit ED movie/Dazby 'Scarlet' - YouTube

TV anime 'Metallic Rouge' Non-credit OP movie/Yuko 'Rouge' - YouTube

“Horigoto of the Pharmacist” 2nd course non-credit ED: wacci “Love is Medicine” [Broadcast nationwide on Nippon Television every Saturday from 24:55! ] - YouTube

TV anime 'My Heart's Dangerous Guy' 2nd season non-credit ED video | Kohanaramu 'I can love myself even when I'm in love' - YouTube

TV anime 'My Heart's Dangerous Guy' 2nd season non-credit opening video | Atarayo ''I am...'' - YouTube

TV anime 'MASHLE' 2nd season non-credit ED movie | Shiritsu Ebisu Junior High School 'Tokyo's Way!' - YouTube

TV anime “MASHLE” 2nd season non-credit opening movie | Creepy Nuts “Bling-Bang-Bang-Born” - YouTube

TV anime 'The Wedding Ring Story' non-credit opening video/Sizuk 'Lover's Eye' - YouTube

TV anime “Wedding Ring Story” Non-credit ending video/AliA “Kokorononaka” - YouTube

[Yurien (CV. Megumi Han)] 'Surgeon Elise' character PV | TV anime to start broadcasting on Wednesday, January 10th - YouTube

'Funeral Freelen' New Character PV [Richter] Voice: Eiji Hanawa / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

'Funeral Freeren' New Character PV [Laofen] Voice: Shizuka Ishigami / [First Class Wizard Exam Edition] / Broadcast every Friday at 11:00 - YouTube

“Hitorigoto of the Pharmacist” 2nd course non-credit OP: Uru “Ambivalent” [Broadcast nationwide on Nippon Television every Saturday from 24:55! ] - YouTube

TV anime “The Wrong Use of Healing Magic” Non-Credit OP|waterweed “Cure” - YouTube

“Hyakusenya no Ayakashi Prince” Non-credit opening | Kamiyagi “Hozuki” - YouTube

'Funeral Free Ren' Non-credit OP (2nd season) / OP theme: Yorushika 'Haru' / Broadcast every Friday at 11 o'clock - YouTube

'Funeral Free Ren' Non-credit ED (2nd season) / ED theme: milet 'Anytime Anywhere' / Broadcast every Friday at 11 o'clock - YouTube

“Overlord the Movie: Holy Kingdom Edition” Special News | 2024 National Road Show - YouTube

◆Sports/Entertainment/Music/Movies (Entertainment)
[Leaked image] The woman who accused Hitoshi Matsumoto of sexual assault: “He was really nice…” “He was very kind until the end” “Thank you message” she sent to Speedwagon Ozawa at the end of the meeting | Weekly Jojo PRIME

Hitoshi Matsumoto's 'SEX payment system' 3 women give new testimonies [Horrifying suites are also available in Osaka and Fukuoka] | Weekly Bunshun electronic version

Downtown's Hitoshi Matsumoto announces hiatus from entertainment activities ``First of all, I want to face various articles and focus on the trial'' [Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd.'s full statement published] | TBS NEWS DIG

``The moment I tore my Achilles tendon, I laughed.'' Former Japan national team midfielder Yosuke Kashiwagi, 36, reveals his true feelings about retirement and ``the solitude of youth'' ``I'm happy just to be able to play in the game...'' - Japan National Soccer National Team - Number Web - number

The mystery of 'Inter Miami' with a total income of 16.9 billion yen due to the Messi effect + the addition of Suarez... '211.5 billion yen millionaire brothers' and the 'Latin American feeling' learned from the WBC field trip - Overseas Soccer - Number Web - Number

Yoshito Okubo talks about the 5 defenders he hated that he played against: ``My shin guard broke in half'' Who was the opponent that ``frustrated me the most''? | Overseas soccer | Overseas soccer | List of soccer articles | web Sportiva

That day, I was in great shape, and I was giving my opponent a dick, and I was doing things like crotch-cutting. Then, at halftime, Coloccini came over and said something with a tremendous swordsmanship.

But I didn't know what they were saying in Spanish, but when I asked my Argentinian teammates, they said, ``If you cut your thighs in the second half, you'll be cut so much that you won't be able to play soccer anymore, so tell them to be careful.'' That's what I was told.

Iwata's former Japan national team midfielder Yasuhito Endo retires from active duty, plays the most appearances in J1, Japan national team, and moves on to become a coach as Gamba Osaka coach: Sports Hochi

Soccer 'Emperor' Beckenbauer dies, former West German famous player | NHK | Obituary

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I am confident in everything! 'Family Mart's Strawberry Picking®' will be held from January 9th (Tuesday).A total of 19 types of strawberry products will be available, including 'Hattendo Cream Bread' and 'Taberu Farm Strawberry Milk'! |FamilyMart|News Release

Marriott Japan Cocktail Competition 2023 Grand Prize 'Wonder'N' | Event | Nagoya Marriott Associa Hotel Directly Above Nagoya Station [Official]

Announcement of new menu [Roughly ground sausage and spinach egg, pork soup made with 5 kinds of vegetables, seafood sundubu jjigae] [nosh-Nash]

“Lipovitan D Valentine Limited Bottle 2024” limited quantity/time release | Taisho Pharmaceutical

“Freshly squeezed strawberry Mont Blanc” starts on January 11th (Thursday)! | News | Jolly Pasta - Pasta specialty store

Support your winter health with the power of lactic acid bacteria that reaches your intestines! Limited winter products from the food brand “Yusanchae” that enjoys seasonal ingredients will be released on January 1, 2024! | Knowledge information | Knowledge information TOP | Yamaya's Delicious Food Department_Yamaya Communications

(PDF file) A new friend has appeared in Sukiya's Shiraganegi Gyudon series! New release of ``Kurodare Shiragami Negi Beef Bowl'' with addictive special black melon oil flavored with burnt garlic

A delicious collaboration with Beard Papa has been realized. From popular products such as Morinaga Milk Caramel and Chocolate Ball, there are 4 'Pie Cream Puff Flavors' - New release from January 16th (Tuesday) - | 2024 | News Release | Morinaga & Co., Ltd.

“Happy Turns Rich Melt Type” where you can enjoy a “melting feeling of happiness” Due to popular demand, it will be available for a limited time this year as well | Kameda Seika Co., Ltd.

(PDF file) You can put them on in the correct position just by putting them on, and they won't slip off even when you move! Pants-type pelvic belt 'Pelvic belt wearable type that can be used during pregnancy' will be released from January 19th (Friday)

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