I ate McDonald's Godzilla Burger in collaboration with Godzilla's ``Spicy Thick Beef & Zaku Sliced Potato'', ``Smoky Pepper Chicken'', and ``Cheese Double Teriyaki''

Three types of 'Godzilla Burger', the first collaboration between McDonald's and Godzilla, appeared on Friday, January 5, 2024, so I went to eat them.

Enjoy 3 types of 'ultimate' burgers! “Godzilla Burger” will be available for a limited time from January 5th (Friday)! | McDonald's official


Arrived at McDonald's.

The three types of burgers were in original packaging.

First up is the `` Delicious and Spicy Thick Beef & Zaku Sliced Potatoes ''. The buns have a rugged appearance reminiscent of Godzilla.

On top of the patty is a delicious spicy mayo sauce made with smoked chili peppers.

The cross section looks like this. As the warning says, ``Please be careful if you don't like spiciness,'' the spicy mayo sauce is so spicy that you might think it's inspired by Godzilla. The crunchy potato patty is essentially a hashed potato, and the combination of meat and potatoes gives it a solid consistency. Maybe you don't need the fries for that reason.

The second is ' Smoky Pepper Chicken '.

Mustard sauce with bacon and black pepper on top of a large chicken patty.

The chewy and chewy chicken patty goes well with the peppery mustard sauce.

The third is 'Cheese Double Teriyaki'.

Two pork patties topped with teriyaki sauce.

Just like a teriyaki burger, it's full of sweetness and has a taste that won't disappoint.

Prices may vary at some stores and for delivery, but ``Spicy Thick Beef & Chunky Potato'' is 530 yen including tax, ``Smoky Pepper Chicken'' is 470 yen including tax, and ``Cheese Double Teriyaki'' is 530 yen including tax. Each item costs 500 yen including tax.

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