``Reinstallation function that can be done via Windows Update while preserving files and settings'' is being tested in Windows 11

Reinstalling Windows basically deletes all installed software, settings, and files, but in the beta version of Windows 11, there is a feature that allows you to reinstall while keeping files and settings. I know it's been tested.

Microsoft's game changer feature reinstalls Windows 11 directly via Windows Update


Windows 11 will let you reinstall your OS through Windows Update without wiping your files


The new feature added in the beta version of Windows Insider is called 'Fix Problems using Windows Update'.

With this feature, it is possible to reinstall Windows while preserving the software that you have installed, its settings, and files that you have created, which were basically deleted in previous reinstallations. .

For those who are already using the Insider beta version of Windows 11, a button is displayed in the 'Recovery' menu of 'Windows Backup'. However, although there is an explanation that the environment will be maintained, it seems that it will not work as it is still a feature under development.

Also, do you need to know the details, such as whether files can be repaired without rebooting, how long the entire reinstallation process will take, and whether it is a better option than using separate reinstallation media? is unknown.

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