It is reported that the Israeli government will invest approximately 460 billion yen in subsidies to a new Intel factory in the country.

It has been reported that the Israeli government will provide a new subsidy of $3.25 billion (approximately 460 billion yen) for Intel's plan to establish a new factory in Israel with the aim of starting operations in 2028. The new factory will be built adjacent to the existing factory.

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Israel grants Intel $3.2 billion for new $25 billion chip plant | Reuters

Intel will build $25 billion chip factory in Israel's 'largest investment ever'

The new factory will be attached to Intel's existing factory near Kiryat Ghat, approximately 42 km from the Gaza Strip. It is said that the new factory will be equipped with equipment for extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography used in semiconductor manufacturing, but it has not been decided which process technology will be used. Reuters reported that Intel will receive a $3.25 billion grant from the Israeli government.

The Israeli government and Intel have a preliminary agreement to build a new factory near Gato in June 2023, and this time, new information has been announced that the factory construction will come to fruition and that they will receive subsidies. Intel plans to spend $25 billion (approximately 3.5 trillion yen) on factory construction, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu describes this as ``the largest foreign investment in Israel's history.''

Intel agrees to a contract to build a new wafer factory in Israel at a cost of 3.5 trillion yen, scheduled to be operational by 2027 - GIGAZINE

In addition, Intel announced plans to acquire Israeli semiconductor manufacturer Tower Semiconductor for $5.4 billion in 2022, but the acquisition was scrapped in early 2023 because it did not receive the necessary regulatory approvals. Ta. The deal reportedly fell apart because China's antitrust regulators refused to give approval.

Intel abandons plan to acquire Tower Semiconductor, a semiconductor company with factories in Japan due to interference from Chinese authorities - GIGAZINE

Intel said in a statement that the new factory, along with ongoing and planned manufacturing investments in the United States and Europe, is part of Intel's efforts to foster a stronger global supply chain.

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich said: 'This investment is an investment in the right values that will lead to human progress as Israel fights a war against total evil, a war in which good must defeat evil. ” he said. He talked about Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip, Palestine, which began in October 2023, and showed a welcoming attitude towards the visit of Intel, which is making capital investments around the world.

The new factory is scheduled to begin operations in 2028 and be operational by 2035.

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