It is pointed out that UFO research in the UK has stalled due to the intention of the upper echelons of the Ministry of Defense who believe that ``UFOs are demonic phenomena''

Unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs), including unidentified flying objects (UFOs), have been witnessed all over the world, and in 2022, the U.S. Department of Defense established the UAP investigation agency `` All Area Anomaly Response Office (AARO)' ', making it a national phenomenon. There are also UAP-related projects led by the company. On the other hand, in the UK, it has been revealed that there have been cases in which UFO research projects have been halted by government officials who believe in the statement that ``UFOs are the work of the devil.''

'Demonic forces' stopped official investigations into UFOs in the UK | Tech News | Metro News

The sightings of UAPs, including UFOs, include a lot of fake information that can be explained with simple tricks, but there are also ``UAP images recorded by American military fighter jets.'' The U.S. Department of Defense has established the All Area Anomaly Response Office (AARO) to conduct UAP-related investigations in 2022, and in September 2023, it will release a website that summarizes UFO-related information. We are actively promoting information disclosure.

The US Department of Defense opens a UFO information summary site, with many videos recording unidentified flying objects - GIGAZINE

While the US Department of Defense is actively working on UAP-related research, the UK Ministry of Defense closed its UFO research division in 2009. Nick Pope , who headed the British Ministry of Defense's UFO research department from 1991 to 1994, said, ``In Britain, influential people who believe in the statement that ``UFOs are caused by demonic forces'' 'Research is being obstructed,' he testified.

Mr. Pope cited Mr. Peter Hill-Norton, who served as Chief of Defense Staff from 1971 to 1973, as an influential person who hindered British UFO investigations. Mr. Pope points out that the reason Mr. Hill-Norton turned to the UFO investigation denial side was due to Bishop Paul Inglesby, who preached that ``UFOs are a demonic phenomenon.''

In the UK, the Rendlesham Forest Incident occurred in 1980, when multiple military personnel witnessed UFOs. Mr. Hill-Norton said that at the time of the Rendlesham Forest incident, he took an active stance in investigating UFOs, such as requesting the Minister of Defense to release related information. However, after contacting Bishop Inglesby, Mr. Hill-Norton said, ``If the UFO phenomenon is caused by the devil, then investigating UFOs will give power to the devil. He has come to believe that it should be avoided.

In addition to Mr. Hill-Norton, there are several people in the upper echelons of the British Ministry of Defense who have awakened to similar ideas, and British UFO investigations are limited by the wishes of the upper echelons who believe that UFOs are a demonic phenomenon. Mr. Pope claims he was inhibited.

Mr. Pope points out that the idea that ``UFOs are a phenomenon caused by the devil'' is spreading not only in the UK but also in the United States.

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