Tasting review of ``Black Thunder Bite Size God Milk'' and ``Oni Cacao'' where you can enjoy the contrast between the divine mellow milk and the oni's crunchy texture.

As part of the 'Black Thunder Bite Size' series, two flavors with opposite tastes and textures, ' Black Thunder Bite Size Divine Milk ' and ' Black Thunder Bite Size Oni Cacao ' will be released on Tuesday, January 2, 2024 on Seven-day. Appears only at Eleven. I was sent ``Kami Milk'', which has a gentle milk taste and soft texture, and ``Oni Cacao'', which has a bitter cacao taste and a crunchy texture, so I decided to try Kami and Oni's Black Thunder first. We tried to compared.

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'Black Thunder Bite Size Divine Milk' and 'Black Thunder Bite Size Oni Cacao' were in a box like this.

First, let's try 'Black Thunder Bite Size Divine Milk'.

Ingredients listed include ``chocolate,'' ``white chocolate chip,'' ``butter,'' ``almond,'' ``cocoa cookie,'' and ``whey powder.''

Calories are 239kcal per 42g bag.

When you put the black thunder inside on a plate, it looks like this.

When you cut it in half, you can see that the cake batter and butter cookies are covered in milk chocolate.

When you eat it, the texture is between 'moist' and 'crispy', and then the mild milk chocolate flavor melts in your mouth. The chocolate has a rich taste similar to condensed milk, but thanks to Black Thunder's light texture, you won't feel the strong taste of condensed milk, so you can enjoy the elegant milk chocolate that you will never get tired of with every bite.

Next, I will try 'Black Thunder Bite Size Oni Cacao'.

Ingredients include ``chocolate,'' ``cocoa cookies,'' ``waffle crunch,'' and ``almond processed products.''

Calories are 232kcal per 43g bag.

The color of the contents is darker than that of 'God Milk'.

The cross section looks like this. Waffle crunch, almond biscuit, and pearl sugar coated with bitter chocolate.

In contrast to ``Kami Milk,'' ``Oni Cacao'' has a crunchy texture. When you chew on Black Thunder, which has a definite texture, the finely chopped chocolate melts in your mouth all at once, releasing a bittersweet taste and a gorgeous chocolate flavor. I feel that Oni Cacao is recommended.

'Black Thunder Bite Size Divine Milk' and 'Black Thunder Bite Size Oni Cacao' will be available for purchase at 7-Eleven nationwide from Tuesday, January 2, 2024, and the reference retail price is 170 yen including tax. .

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