GIGAZINE Winter gift release project “Please answer the questionnaire and bring it all!”

Tomorrow is Christmas! Both children and adults will want presents! Good news for you, this is a present from GIGAZINE. Just by answering the survey, you will have a chance to win a gift of your choice from among about 70 items. The deadline this time is 23:59 on Monday, January 8, 2024 . Please apply!

This project also serves as a research to find out what kind of people are reading GIGAZINE, which cannot be understood through access analysis alone, so there may be cases where you don't need a gift, but you can participate in the survey! I would be very grateful if you could answer!

◆Application period
From December 24, 2023 (Sunday) to January 8, 2024 (Monday) 23:59.

◆Present number list
◆01: DJI “

DJI Air 3 Fly More Combo (1 person)
DJI Air 3 is a drone that can shoot 4K/100fps movies from wide angle and medium telephoto with two cameras, and DJI Air 3 Fly More is a set that includes a battery charging hub, DJI RC 2 transmitter, and shoulder bag. It's a combo. Provided by DJI.

You can record the following videos.

Aerial video taken near Kanekakeiwa Rock of Japan's 100 Famous Mountains 'Mt. Omine and Mt. Sanjogatake' [DJI Air 3] [4K/60fps] - YouTube

The review, from unboxing to photography, is explained in three articles, including the article below.

Photo review of 'DJI Air 3', a multi-camera drone capable of not only wide-angle shooting but also medium-telephoto shooting - GIGAZINE

◆02: Samsung “ Galaxy Tab S9 128GB (1 person)
This is an 11-inch tablet that is Wi-Fi only. Provided by Samsung.

The memory is 8GB, the storage is 128GB, the battery capacity is 8400mAh, and the internet usage time is up to 10 hours. I'll take a closer look at it in the article below.

I tried using multiple apps side by side, collaboratively editing a memo pad in real time, and experienced the unique usage of a large screen tablet with the ``Galaxy Tab S9'' series - GIGAZINE

◆03: SwitchBot “ Robot Vacuum Cleaner K10+ (3 people)
This is a small robot vacuum cleaner with a diameter of 248mm x height of 92mm and a weight of approximately 2.3kg. For wiping only. Provided by SwitchBot.

It comes with a garbage collection station that eliminates the need to throw away garbage for 70 days, and can also be mopped using a disposable sheet.

◆04: Yamazen “

Hybrid heater twinheat Plus fan (1 person)
This heater uses a carbon heater and a sheathed heater to warm the air, and also uses a fan to blow air. Provided by Yamazen.

The size is 320mm wide x 320mm deep x 680mm high, and the weight is approximately 6.2kg.

Operation method using dial and touch panel.

It also has a swing function.

Yamazen 'Hybrid heater twinheat Plus fan' swing range - YouTube

◆05: BenQ “ GV11 (1 person)
This is a projector equipped with Android TV. Provided by BenQ.

In addition to YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, you can also play content stored on a USB memory. Details are explained in the article below.

I tried using BenQ's mobile projector 'GV11' equipped with Android TV, compatible with AirPlay, and battery-operated - GIGAZINE

◆06: Anker “ AeroFit (Midnight Black) (1 person)
Wireless earphones without earpieces that can be worn without covering your ears. Provided by Anker.

The following article reviews what these earphones are like, which allow you to hear surrounding sounds while also preventing sound leakage.

Review of Anker's completely wireless earphones 'Soundcore AeroFit' that do not block your ears and are perfect for sports or going out - GIGAZINE

◆07: DJI “ Osmo Action 4 Adventure Combo (2 people)
This action camera is equipped with a powerful image stabilization function and has shooting performance that can be used in special environments such as dark places and underwater.

In addition to the main unit, DJI provided us with a set called ``Adventure Combo'' that includes 3 batteries and a battery case. Please check the article below for more information about the performance of the main unit.

'Osmo Action 4' can shoot movies for a longer time than GoPro and past models - GIGAZINE

◆08: Cerevo ' LiveShell W ' ' LiveShell ControlPad ' Capsule Radio (Completed Product)' (1 person)
This is a set of the live distribution device 'LiveShell W', which is equipped with many functions such as live distribution without a PC, a 2-screen switcher, an audio mixer, and 3ch simultaneous distribution, a LiveShell W dedicated control pad, and a capsule-type FM radio kit. Provided by Cerevo.

You can check LiveShell W from the article below.

Photo review of 'LiveShell W', a palm-sized live distribution device capable of 2-screen switching & full HD/3ch simultaneous distribution - GIGAZINE

Capsule radio is a product sold at Cerevo's official shop as an 'electronic assembly kit', and it is a product that originally consists of disparate parts that are assembled, and when completed, you will be able to listen to FM radio. This time, we will be giving away a product that Cerevo completed himself as a set with Liveshell W.

◆09: Logitech “

WAVE KEYS K820 (1 person)
A QWERTY keyboard with a numeric keypad and a curved layout to keep your arms at a natural angle. Provided by Logitech.

Details such as appearance and performance are explained in the article below.

Review of ``Logitech WAVE KEYS K820'', an ergonomic keyboard for beginners designed based on ergonomics with less strain on the body, perfect for long-time PC work - GIGAZINE

◆10: Yamazen “ Kurumiket (USB type) (1 person)
It is a ``wearable blanket'' that comes with a USB port and can be powered and warmed from a mobile battery. Provided by Yamazen. Below is how it looked when worn by an editorial staff member who is approximately 165cm tall.

There are two power buttons on the right side. One button on the chest side and one button on the abdomen side. Each time you press the button, the temperature setting switches between strong, moderate, and weak.When using both sides, the temperature reaches approximately 45 degrees at high, approximately 40 degrees at moderate temperature, and approximately 35 degrees at low.

This is what it looks like when you sit down.

◆11: Yamazen “

Steam humidifier (white) (1 person)
This is a steam type humidifier with a water tank capacity of 2.8L. Provided by Yamazen.

Water can be supplied from the top. There are no filters or small parts, so cleaning the main unit is easy. The water tank capacity is 2.8L, and the applicable floor area is up to approximately 8.5 tatami mats for wooden Japanese-style rooms and approximately 14 tatami mats for prefabricated Western rooms.

◆12: Atomtech “

ATOM Sensor V2 (1 person)
This set allows you to manage indoor conditions with a motion sensor, opening/closing sensor, and temperature/humidity sensor. This is the item provided by Atomtech and used in the review article.

With this set, you can check the door opening/closing history and temperature changes from the app.The article below explains how to actually use it.

Review of ``ATOM Sensor V2'', a smart sensor that can easily perform ``door opening/closing detection'', ``person movement detection'', and ``temperature & humidity recording'' - GIGAZINE

◆13: SwitchBot “ SwitchBot Ceiling Light 8 Tatami (1 person)
A ceiling light for 6 tatami mats with a total luminous flux of 3500 lm. In addition to remote control operation, it can also be operated with a smartphone. Provided by SwitchBot.

◆14: SwitchBot “

SwitchBot Curtain (3rd generation) (1 person)
This is a curtain opening/closing device that can be installed on curtain rails without any construction or wiring. Provided by SwitchBot. It can be operated from an app and can be automated, such as opening and closing at specific times. Semi-permanent power supply can be achieved by combining it with a solar panel (sold separately).

◆15: SwitchBot “

SwitchBot Lock” “SwitchBot Fingerprint Authentication Pad (1 person)
This is a smart lock that allows you to rotate the thumb turn knob via your smartphone, and a key/fingerprint authentication pad that is compatible with the smart lock. Provided by SwitchBot.

'SwitchBot Lock' does not require a hub and can be operated from an app or by voice using a voice assistant such as Google Home or Alexa. Details are explained in the article below.

Review of the smart lock “SwitchBot Lock”, how does it work with voice assistants, and how easy is it to use “tags” unique to SwitchBot? -GIGAZINE

◆16: SwitchBot “ SwitchBot Hub 2 (White) (1 person)
This is a hub that takes over the operations of an infrared remote control. Air conditioners, electric fans, and most other home appliances that operate with infrared remote controls can be controlled via apps or Alexa. It also has a thermohygrometer and doubles the infrared transmission range compared to the previous generation SwitchBot hub. Provided by SwitchBot.

◆17: SwitchBot “

SwitchBot Hub Mini (White) (1 person)
A product that excludes the temperature and humidity meter from 'SwitchBot Hub 2'. Even so, the basic operation of ``replacing an infrared remote control'' is possible with this one unit. It's perfect for getting started for people who want to try out smart homes. Provided by SwitchBot.

◆18: SwitchBot “

SwitchBot Bot (1 person)
It is a smart home device that allows you to physically press a switch. You can remotely control it at home, and if you have a SwitchBot hub, you can also control it from anywhere. Provided by SwitchBot.

A protrusion pops out from the center and you press the switch. If you use the included parts with double-sided tape, you can also do a 'pull' motion in addition to a 'push' motion.

◆19: Anker “

Anker Nano Charging Station (6-in-1, 67W) (Grayish Blue) (1 person)
A power strip equipped with 2 outlets, 2 USB Type-C ports, and 2 USB Type-A ports compatible with 'PowerIQ 3.0 (Gen2)'. Provided by Anker.

The main body size is 10cm long x 9.3cm wide x 1.9cm thick. The following article introduces the usage experience when actually connecting devices.

I tried using the power strip ``Anker Nano Charging Station (6-in-1, 67W)'', which is equipped with 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB-A ports and can charge a large number of smartphones and PCs at the same time - GIGAZINE

◆20: Anker “ Anker Nano Power Bank (12W, Built-In Lightning Connector) (Black) (1 person)
This mobile battery has a Lightning terminal on the charger body, so you can connect it directly to your device without the need for a cable. Provided by Anker.

Capacity is 5000mAh. The output when charging is 5V = 2.4A (maximum 20W). The review article is below.

Review of 'Anker Nano Power Bank (12W, Built-In Lightning Connector)', a mobile battery that is perfect for carrying around without the need for a Lightning cable - GIGAZINE

◆21: Anker “ Anker Nano Power Bank (22.5W, Built-In USB-C Connector) (Black) (1 person)
A mobile battery that can be connected directly to the USB Type-C port of your device without the need for a cable. Provided by Anker.

The capacity is 5000mAh, and the output when charging is 5V = 3A, 9V = 2.2A, 10V = 2.25A (maximum 22.5W).

Review of 'Anker Nano Power Bank (22.5W, Built-In USB-C Connector)', a mobile battery that can charge iPhone 15 and Android smartphones without the need for cables - GIGAZINE

◆22: Anker “ Eufy Smart Scale P3 (White) (1 person)
Not only weight, but also BMI, body fat percentage, heart rate, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, water content, body fat mass, lean body mass, bone mass (kg), visceral fat level, protein, skeletal muscle mass, subcutaneous fat, This is a smart weight and body composition meter that can measure a total of 16 items including internal age and body type. Provided by Anker.

The following explains how to link with the app and how to actually measure your weight.

I tried using Anker's smart weight and body composition meter 'Eufy Smart Scale P3' that can easily measure 16 items such as body fat percentage and muscle mass that you are concerned about & check the measurement results with the app - GIGAZINE

◆23: ELECOM “ Wireless antibacterial silent mouse “SHELLPHA” M-SH30DBSKWH (white) (1 person)
An ergonomic wireless mouse. Provided by ELECOM.

There are two side buttons in addition to the left and right buttons. The wheel is a tilt wheel. It looks like this when you hold it.

◆24: Microsoft “

Surface Arc Mouse (Light Gray) (1 person)
A bendable Bluetooth mouse. Provided by Microsoft.

The back half bends sharply, and when it reaches a certain angle, it clicks into place.

It looks like this when you hold it.

When not in use, it can be folded flat.

◆25: Sanwa Supply “

Wireless Mouse (Black) (1 person)
An ergonomic wireless mouse. It was provided by Sanwa Supply.

Two side buttons. The small round button is a pairing/connection switching button that allows you to switch between up to 3 devices.

It looks like this when you hold it.

◆26: ROCCAT “

Pure Air (White/Black) (2 people)
It is an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse weighing 54g. Provided by ROCCAT.

2.4GHz wireless connectivity via Bluetooth or USB adapter. It can be charged with USB Type-C. The two buttons in the center of the side are assigned 'back' and 'forward' by default. The little button on the tip has a DPI cycle assigned by default, and all of these can be customized.

When you hold it, it looks like this. Look forward to seeing which one you win, white or black.

◆27: GoPro “

Weekender Backpack (1 person)
This backpack is suitable for travel and everyday use. Provided by GoPro.

There is a pocket on the top for storing small items such as a GoPro.

Open pockets on both sides.

This is the main storage pocket. A shape that opens toward you.

There is also a pocket on the bottom.

The bag opens towards the main storage pocket. This is where you can store dirty items such as shoes.

The surface that makes contact with the back looks like this.

There is a small pocket at the bottom.

A GoPro can be attached to one shoulder strap.

This is what it looks like when you carry it on your back.


It's the side.

◆28: Sanwa Supply “

Carry Bag (1 person)
This business carry bag comes with casters and a carry bar and can be used in two ways: carrying it on your back or rolling it around. It was provided by Sanwa Supply.

Top front pocket

lower front pocket

main storage

The surface that makes contact with the back looks like this.

Open the zipper on the top to reveal the carry bar.

The height of the carry bar can be adjusted in 3 stages.

There are tires on the bottom.

Can be carried with bars and tires.

This is what it looks like when you actually carry it on your back.


It's the side.

◆29: Synology “

BeeDrive (1TB) ” “BeeDrive storage pouch” (1 person)
This is an external SSD 'BeeDrive' that can back up smartphones and PCs, and a not-for-sale pouch that can store the BeeDrive. Provided by Synology.

The following article explains how to use BeeDrive.

Review of Synology's external SSD 'BeeDrive' that makes it easy to copy data from smartphones and create backups - GIGAZINE

The pouch contains the BeeDrive itself and cables.

You can close the lid and carry it around.

◆30: Western Digital “

WD Elements SE SSD 2TB (1 person)
It is an external SSD that can reach read speeds of up to 400MB/s. Provided by Western Digital.

The size is 64.5 mm x 64.5 mm x 8.72 mm, which is quite thin. Weight is 272g.

◆31: Crimson Technology “

Voidol3 (3 people)
Real-time voice changer software that applies AI technology. Provided by Crimson Technology.

This software allows you to convert your voice into a voice that is completely different from the original, and it is also characterized by its simple and intuitive operation. I'm actually reviewing it below.

I tried using the AI mode of ``Voidol3'', a real-time voice changer that can transform freely and intuitively from a beautiful girl's voice to a beautiful girl's voice using AI - GIGAZINE

◆32: AHS “ VOICEPEAK Freemomen (1 person)
This is text reading software that can handle the voice ``Furimomen'' created based on the voice of Mr. Akira Koga . Provided by AHS.

Please check the article below for information on how to use VOICEPEAK.

Review of ``VOICEPEAK'', a commercially available reading software that uses 7 different voices to read sentences with emotion - GIGAZINE

◆33: Katani Sangyo “ Metallic Dekopen (1 person)
A pen set that allows you to easily write metallic foil stamped illustrations. Provided by Katani Sangyo.

It is possible to draw pictures and letters of different thickness with 4 types of pen nibs. The actual drawing is introduced in the article below.

I tried using the revolutionary ``Metallic Deco Pen'' that can be stamped with foil as you draw an illustration - GIGAZINE

◆34: Sunstar Stationery “ Topple B (Black, Navy, Red, White, Blue, Beige, Mint, Violet)” (8 people)
This ballpoint pen has a structure in which the lead is pulled out by pulling the grip, rather than by knocking on the end of the pen. Provided by Sunstar Stationery.

There are 8 different body colors, but the ink color is all black. Which one you win is random.

◆35: Sunstar Stationery “

Metasil Pocket (Blue, Beige, Black) (3 people)
This pen has a special lead that allows you to write for approximately 16 km without sharpening. Provided by Sunstar Stationery.

The Metasil Pocket is a model that is 4cm shorter and 4g lighter than

the Metasil reviewed in the article below. There is no change in performance. The color you get is random.

I tried using a pencil ``metacil'' that is made of a special lead and can continue writing for 16 km without sharpening - GIGAZINE

◆36: Becide ' 'Anywhere Together' Calendar 2024 ' (2 people)
A calendar featuring characters from the PlayStation game ' Dokodemo Issho ' developed by Beside (formerly Bomber Express). Provided by Beside.

Can be installed either on a wall or on a table.

There is a large illustration on the back.

◆37: Domina Games “

DOMINA CALENDAR 2024 (1 person)
This is a not-for-sale calendar distributed at Game Market 2023 Autumn. Brought to you by Domina Games.

◆38: Sanwa Supply “

USB Docking Station (1 person)
This stand is equipped with an HDMI port and a USB port. It was provided by Sanwa Supply.

USB Type-C port, HDMI port (DisplayPort Alt mode compatible), LAN port on the front

SD card slot, microSD card slot, USB Type-C port on the left side

On the right side, there are two USB ports (USB3.2 Gen1) and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Anti-slip on the bottom.

The angle can be adjusted with two hinges.

Can also be used as a tablet stand. I actually put the tablet on it and tried adjusting the angle.

Sanwa Supply 'USB Docking Station' operation check - YouTube

◆39: Sanwa Supply “ USB Hub (1 person)
A USB hub with 10 USB ports (USB3.2 Gen1). It was provided by Sanwa Supply.

The feature is that all 10 pieces have switches. Power can be shut off individually.

◆40: Sanwa Supply “

Electric Air Duster (1 person)
This is a rechargeable electric air duster. The wind speed can be switched in two stages, and the maximum wind pressure is approximately 30g. It was provided by Sanwa Supply.

There is a power/light switch on the front of the main unit.

Noise is up to 85dB. I actually recorded it and tried lighting it up.

Sanwa Supply ``Electric air duster'' is quite loud - YouTube

◆41: Becide “ Persia and the Labyrinth Tower of Magic ~Arabian Nyite Edition~ (Epic Games version key) ” “ DLC Persia and the Magic Labyrinth Tower – Costume Set “Christmas Set” ” “Persia and the Magic Labyrinth Tower Acrylic Keychain” ( 2 persons)
'Persia and the Labyrinth Tower of Magic' is a puzzle RPG that combines a 'match-3 game' and a roguelite, where you connect three or more of the same pieces to erase them. Becide provided us with a key to the Epic Games version of the main story of Persia and the Labyrinth Tower of Magic, a DLC where you can get two types of skins, and a set of acrylic key chains that were not for sale that were distributed when the same work was exhibited at Tokyo Game Show 2023. .

This is the key visual of the game.

This is a work that transforms a simple match-3 game into a fantasy world.

◆42: Becide '

NUMAZU in the MIRAGE - (Steam version key) ' 'John the Illusion Clear Card' (2 people)
This is a deck-building roguelite game set in the world of the official spin-off of Love Live! Sunshine!!, SUNSHINE in the MIRROR . The release date is February 22, 2024 , and keys can be used from this date.

Preliminary reviews are posted below.

Play review of ``John of the Phantom Day -NUMAZU in the MIRAGE-'', a deck-building roguelite game in which fortune teller Yohane goes on an adventure with friends summoned in Ura Numazu - GIGAZINE

The clear card is a novelty item that was not for sale and was awe-inspiring at the ``Johane of the Phantom Sun'' Game 2 Title Special Joint Advance Experience Session feat. Gamers held on October 21, 2023. The main character of the game, 'Johane', is shown in a large image.

◆43: PLAYISM “

Refind Self: Personality diagnosis game (Steam version key)” (3 people)
It is an adventure game that records each player's actions and gives a personality diagnosis at the end of the game. Provided by PLAYISM.

The story surrounding the existence of the playable humanoid robot character and the ``doctor'' who created the robot will become clear through play.

Play review of ``Refind Self: Personality diagnosis game'' that allows you to diagnose the player's personality from all actions such as ``picking up items'' and ``attacking NPCs'', playable on PC, iOS, and Android - GIGAZINE

◆44: PLAYISM “ Phantom Rose 2 Sapphire (Steam version key)” (3 people)
This is a card deck building game in which the main character, Aria, wakes up in an abandoned classroom with no memories and aims to regain her memories and escape from the school where Phantoms live. Provided by PLAYISM.

A furious card battle takes place in a suspicious atmosphere.

◆45: PLAYISM “

From Madness with Love (Steam version key)” (3 people)
This is a visual novel game in which the main character, a second-year high school student who has no choice but to transfer to a nearby private school after his old high school is blown up, finds love with four men with whom he 'absolutely cannot communicate'. Provided by PLAYISM.

◆46: PLAYISM “

Rose and Camellia ~Gorgeous Edition~ (Nintendo Switch version key)” (3 people)
It's a slapping action game where you swing your Joy-Con around and exchange 'slaps'. Provided by PLAYISM.

◆47: Live Wire “

Radiant Silver Gun (Steam version key)” (2 people)
This is a port of the vertical scrolling shooting game ``Radiant Silver Gun,'' which was released in arcades in 1998. Provided by Live Wire.

A retro shooting game where you use special bullets such as 'homing bullets' and 'spread bullets' to shoot down approaching enemy planes. A review article for the Nintendo Switch version is posted below.

I played the vertical scrolling STG ``Radiant Silver Gun'' that uses 7 + 1 types of weapons on Nintendo Switch - GIGAZINE

◆48: Taito “ Taito LD Game Collection (1 person)
This software for Nintendo Switch includes three titles: 'Ninja Hayate HD Remaster,' 'Space Battleship Yamato HD Remaster,' and 'Time Gal HD Remaster.' Provided by Taito.

◆49: Taito “

Taito Milestone 2 ” “ Milestone 2 Special CD (1 person)
This is Nintendo Switch software containing arcade games from the 1980s and 1990s, and a special CD containing sound excerpts from the games. Provided by Taito. Included titles are ``Dino Rex'', ``Solitary Fighter'', ``Metal Black'', ``Gun Frontier'', ``Mizubaku Daibouken'', ``Darius II'', ``New Zealand Story'', ``Kiki Kaikai'', ``Legend of the Shadow'', and ``Benbe Robe''. There are 10 types.

◆50: Taito “

Puzzle Bobble Everybubble! (1 person)
This is a puzzle game exclusively for Nintendo Switch where you shoot bubbles and connect 3 or more bubbles of the same color to make them disappear. Provided by Taito.

◆51: LEGO Japan “

LEGO® Icon Mini Houseplant Set (1 person)
This is a set that allows you to assemble 9 types of mini plants with 758 pieces. There are models with different assembly difficulty levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Provided by Lego Japan.

◆52: Mattel “

DOS (1 person)
This is a card game that appeared as a brother product of 'UNO'. Provided by Mattel.

Uno declares 'Uno' when there is only one card left, but this one has the characteristic of declaring 'Dos' when there are only two cards left. Please check the article below for details on how to play.

I played the new card game ``DOS'' following ``UNO'' where the key is to shout ``Dos!'' and add up - GIGAZINE

◆53: Mattel “ UNO FLEX (1 person)
This is a card game where you can enjoy a unique UNO with features such as flex cards that combine two colors into one, and ``Flex Wild All Draw'' that allows all players to draw two cards. Provided by Mattel.

◆54: G-P “

Did you eat it? (1 person)
It's a nervous breakdown-like game where you roll a dice and guess which pug has a 'tongue' of the same color. The Pug has a squishy texture and when you press it, its tongue comes out. The number of players is 2 to 4 people, and the play time is about 15 minutes.

◆55: GIP “

Anywhere Animal Shogi (1 person)
This is a mini shogi game using five types of pieces: a lion, an elephant, a giraffe, and a chick that turns into a chicken. The creator is Madoka Kitao , a female shogi player.

◆56: GIP “

Kingdom Board War (2 people)
This is a board game designed based on the manga 'Kingdom' by Yasuhisa Hara. This work was developed jointly with female shogi player Madoka Kitao, and is a two-player game in which players play the role of a general who controls cards and pieces and fight to unify the country. Provided by GeeP. Please note that one of these items could not be sent because the winner did not respond via email from the previous giveaway.

Detailed instructions on how to play are explained in the article below.

Play review of ``Kingdom Banjo Taisen'', a board game by GeeP where you compete for the opponent's general by utilizing the abilities and strategy cards of military commanders - GIGAZINE

◆57: Arclight “ Zoo Tycoon (1 person)
This is a board game where you become a zoo manager and create the best zoo. Provided by Arclight.

There are concepts such as expenses, staff employment, and animal protection, and you can play alone as well as competitively. The number of players is 1 to 4, and the playing time is 120 to 180 minutes.

◆58: Domina Games “

Darkone (1 person)
This is a card game where you fight using cards and relics in a dark world over the stone tablet 'Monolith' on which everything in this world is written. The number of players is 1 to 2 people, and the playing time is 10 to 20 minutes. Brought to you by Domina Games.

◆59: Domina Games “

Cultus (1 person)
This is a board game where you rebuild a city that has been turned into ruins with a detailed plan. Collect buildings such as palaces, churches, and houses to expand your city, build monuments to gain support from the people, and sometimes destroy other people's buildings to win. Play time is 20-120 minutes for 1-4 players. Brought to you by Domina Games.

◆60: Cycom 'vinyl bag' 'notebook' 'flashlight' 'handy fan' 'bottle' 'bath towel' 'Philips screwdriver' (3 people)
This is a set of goods I received when I participated in the ``

Cycom Computer Assembly Class 2023 '' held by PC manufacturer Cycom.

◆61: HARIO “

Cordless 2WAY Blender (2 people)
This cooking utensil has two functions: a food processor and a blender. Provided by HARIO.

It's rechargeable and easy to carry, and you can chop ingredients or make smoothies with just the push of a button. I actually tried using it in the article below.

Review of Hario's convenient cooking appliance ``Cordless 2WAY Blender'' that can be used without a power source and can quickly handle smoothies and chopping with just one device - GIGAZINE

◆62: ELECOM “ LiFERE Small IH Rice Cooker (White) (1 person)
This is a small rice cooker that uses an inner pot that is specially sized for cooking 1 cup. Provided by ELECOM.

Although it is small, it has many functions such as ``rice cooking'', ``low sugar'', ``quick cooking'', and ``warmth retention'', and it is also characterized by its compact size that does not take up much space. You can see how it is actually used in the article below.

Review of ELECOM's 'Small IH Rice Cooker', a slim and portable rice cooker that specializes in single-cooking and is perfect for living alone - GIGAZINE

◆63: Thermos “ Vacuum insulation cooker Shuttle Chef (KBJ-3001) (Red) (2 people)
A thermal cooker that includes a cooking pot and a thermal container. Provided by Thermos.

By keeping heated food warm, the residual heat can be used to cook food, making it possible to complete dishes such as simmered dishes without using fire as much as possible. You can see how to actually cook it in the article below.

I tried making oden using Thermos' vacuum insulation cooker ``Shuttle Chef'', which cooks with residual heat just by placing it in a heating and insulation container - GIGAZINE

◆64: Iris Ohyama “ Low temperature cooker pocket chef (2 people)
A cooking utensil that allows you to cook the food you put inside at a low temperature. Provided by Iris Ohyama.

A heat-resistant airtight bag is required when storing food. The temperature can be set from 40 to 80 degrees in 5 degree increments, and the cooking time can be set for up to 9 hours.

◆65: Nissin Foods “

Cup Noodle Original Measuring Cup (1 person)
This is a special measuring cup with a scale engraved at the perfect amount of water to make Nissin Foods' Cup Noodles.

You can check the article I actually used below.

I actually tried using the ``Cup Noodle Original Measuring Cup'' which looks just like a cup noodle and can boil the necessary amount of hot water in a microwave oven - GIGAZINE

◆66: Coca-Cola “Costa Coffee Original Cup” (3 people)
This is an original cup distributed in a campaign held when selling ' Costa Coffee Hazelnut Latte '. Provided by Coca-Cola.

◆67: 2foods “

2Protein Tablet ” 3 pieces “ 2Protein Powder ” 3 pieces “ 2Energy ” 3 pieces (1 person)
One person will receive 3 pieces each of ``2Protein,'' a protein that can be taken as-is in the tablet type, or mixed with meals or drinks in the powder type, and 3 pieces each of ``2Energy,'' a zero-calorie, zero-sugar, and caffeine-free energy drink. Provided by 2foods.

The following article reviews what 2Energy tastes like.

Caffeine-free, zero calorie, zero sugar energy drink '2Energy' tasting review - GIGAZINE

◆68: Fine ' Golden Freshwater Turmeric Liver Extract Hyper ' 5 pieces ' A supplement that doesn't worry about calories 'For fats' ' 5 pieces ' A supplement that doesn't care about calories 'For carbohydrates' ' 5 pieces ' Hitomi Megumi Lutein 66 ' 5 pieces pieces (1 person)
Here are 4 nutritionally functional foods for people who are concerned about their health. Provided by Fine.

◆69: Google “Pixel case & pin badge” (2 people)
These are two types of Google Store exclusive pouches that come with the purchase of the Google Pixel 8 and Google Pixel 8 Pro, and a

dinosaur pin badge created to commemorate Google's 25th anniversary.

◆70: Apple gift card 10,000 yen (1 person)
This is a 10,000 yen gift card that can be used on various Apple services such as the App Store, iTunes, and Apple Music.

◆71: Google Play gift card 10,000 yen (1 person)
A gift card worth 10,000 yen that can be used to purchase apps, e-books, movies, etc. distributed on Google Play.

◆72: Amazon gift card 10,000 yen (1 person)
A gift card worth 10,000 yen that can be used on Amazon.

Please note that prizes are usually opened once and photographed.

◆Winner announcement
The lottery will begin on Tuesday, January 9, 2024 , and winners will be notified via email as early as January 9. The destination email address is the ``email address used when applying'', so when applying, please enter an email address that can receive emails. When you receive the winning notification email, please contact us with your shipping address and other information as described in the email body.

In addition, winning notification emails will only be sent from the domain ''. Emails have a high probability of being treated as spam, and sad cases of ``I realized I had won but it was too late...'' have happened over and over again in the past, so when the time comes, I send them regularly. You should check your email!

If there is no reply from the winner by the deadline, the rights will be transferred to the runner-up candidate. You may receive a winning notification email several weeks after the application deadline, so it may be a good idea to check your email frequently.

◆Gift application form
The giveaway project has ended. Thank you for all your applications!

◆Christmas present for GIGAZINE
For the GIGAZINE editorial department, which is working hard to publish articles every day, we would be happy if you could send a gift from the Amazon wish list below!

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