Ukraine announces that it has hacked the Russian Federal Tax Service, paralyzing the tax system for a month and dealing a major blow to the Russian government

On December 12, 2023, the General Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine announced that it had successfully hacked one central server of the Russian Federal Tax Service and 2,300 local servers throughout Russia and Crimea. .

Hacking of Federal Tax Service of the russian federation - Details of Another Cyber Operation of the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine

Ukrainian military intelligence service hacked the Russian Federal Taxation Service

Ukrainian military says it hacked Russia's federal tax agency

Ukrainian authorities have characterized this hack as a ``special operation by GUR's cyber unit,'' and have revealed that all hacked servers were infected with malware as a result of this attack.

At the same time, a Russian IT company that provided tax services to the Russian government was also attacked, with a total of two attacks completely destroying the files responsible for Russia's tax system, and erasing databases and backup copies. It is said that.

The Russian government has been trying to resume operations for four days, but the situation has not been restored. GUR experts predict that Russia's tax system will remain in disarray for at least a month, and that even after it reopens, it will not be possible to fully recover.

The Russian government and state-run media have remained silent about this hack, and Ukraine's announcement has not been verified by a third party, but the IT news site Bleeping Computer said, ``If true, This will be a serious blow to the Kremlin.'

This is the second time that Ukrainian military authorities have announced a cyber attack on a Russian public office, and GUR also said that it succeeded in hacking the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency and stealing classified documents in November 2023. We are making an announcement .

According to the foreign media outlet The Record from Recorded Future News, ``Until recently, only pro-Ukrainian hacker groups and hacktivists publicly claimed such attacks targeting Russian airlines, banks, and internet providers.'' I pointed it out.

Ukraine has stepped up its offensive in cyberspace, and in October 2023, officials from the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) revealed that they collaborated with pro-Ukrainian hackers to infiltrate Russia's largest private bank. In November, it was reported that the Ukrainian hacker group ``Blackjack'' collaborated with the SBU to infiltrate the website of the Russian Ministry of Labor and obtain personal information of military personnel and information on military operations in Ukraine.

On the other hand, on December 12, the same day as the GUR announcement, Kyivstar, Ukraine's largest provider, suffered a cyber attack and its services were suspended. continues.

Ukraine's largest telecommunications company Kyivstar suffers the largest wartime cyber attack affecting millions of people - GIGAZINE

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