French Prime Minister asks ministers to delete WhatsApp, Signal and Telegram and use French-made Olvid and Tchap

French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has ordered ministers, secretaries of state, and cabinet members to uninstall messaging apps WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram by December 8, 2023 at the latest, and to use

Olvid or Tchap instead. It turns out that we have officially requested that you use ``.

Les ministres français invités à désinstaller WhatsApp, Signal et Telegram

France bans ministers from WhatsApp, Signal; demands French alternatives – POLITICO

French government recommends against using foreign chat apps

Prime Minister Bornu said the reason for calling for the suspension of the use of WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram is that ``they are not without security vulnerabilities, and the security of conversations and information exchanged through the apps cannot be guaranteed.''

Instead, we recommend Olvid, a French messaging app certified by cybersecurity agency ANSSI. Also, 'Tchap', which was developed for French civil servants in 2020, is also OK.

Olvid is an instant messaging app that guarantees user data protection through a decentralized directory and end-to-messaging, with messages encrypted while maintaining functionality similar to other apps. Digital Minister Jean-Noël Barrault has been using Olvid since July 2022, and has authorized its use across the government from December 2023.

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