Qualcomm and Iridium end their partnership on 'satellite communication smartphones', and although they are technically successful, they are not adopted by manufacturers and are angry

Qualcomm, a major semiconductor company, and Iridium, which provides satellite communication services, announced on November 9, 2023, that they are terminating a contract aimed at introducing satellite communication to smartphones. In early 2023, the two companies had just announced 'Snapdragon Satellite,' which turns Android smartphones into satellite phones.

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Iridium, Qualcomm end satellite-to-phone partnership

In January 2023, when satellite communication was a trend in the mobile industry, Qualcomm partnered with Iridium to announce the solution ``Snapdragon Satellite'' to support satellite communication. Among them, Qualcomm announced that devices equipped with Snapdragon Satellite are 'scheduled to be released in some regions from the second half of 2023' and that several manufacturers are already working on developing compatible terminals. Ta.

Qualcomm announces 'Snapdragon Satellite' that enables satellite communication with smartphones - GIGAZINE

However, Iridium stated in a press release on November 9th, ``While both companies have developed and demonstrated Snapdragon Satellite, despite its technical success, no smartphone manufacturer has integrated this technology into their products.'' Therefore, Qualcomm notified us on November 3rd that the contract would be terminated as of December 3rd.'' I revealed that this was the reason.

'While we are disappointed that this partnership did not come to fruition sooner, we believe the industry's direction towards satellite connectivity for consumer devices is clear,' said Matt Desch, CEO of Iridium. As device manufacturers and carriers plan to offer extended coverage and satellite communication capabilities to their customers over time, our global coverage and institutional certainty make us an excellent choice. We are well positioned to become a major player in this emerging market.'

Iridium noted that the termination of this agreement means that the company is free to collaborate again with other smartphone and chip manufacturers, indicating that it will pursue new relationships going forward.

Meanwhile, in a media statement, Qualcomm analyzed that smartphone manufacturers' preference for standards-based solutions was the cause of the defeat, and said, ``The company will discontinue work on proprietary solutions that began in early 2023.'' However, we plan to continue collaborating with Iridium on standards-based solutions.''

Iridium says that the termination of this contract will not affect its financial outlook for the full year 2023, which was stated in its October 2023 financial results announcement. It fell by more than %.

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