A private feature to hide individual games you're playing on Steam from your friends will be coming soon

On the PC gaming platform Steam, there was only one setting for information such as achievements and play time obtained in the games you owned and the game you were playing, which were either 'all public' or 'all private', but now there is a new setting. , it turns out that a private feature has been developed that allows you to set whether or not to make information public for each game.

Valve is working on a new Steam feature that will let you hide all those weird sex games from your friends | PC Gamer

https://www.pcgamer.com/valve-is-working-on-a-new-steam-feature-that-will-let-you-hide-all-those-weird-sex-games-from-your- friends/

Steam may soon let you hide specific games from your friends | Eurogamer.net

Steam Will Soon Let You Hide The Porn Games You Play

At the time of writing, Steam's privacy options are limited. On your Steam account profile, you'll see ``Game details'' (a list of all games in your Steam account, games you've added to your wishlist, achievements, play time), ``Friends list'', ``Inventory'' (in-game items received through Steam trading). Collected Steam Trading Cards, extra copies, and Steam Gifts) can be set to ``Public'', ``Friends Only'', or ``Private''. This visibility setting gives users some control over what their friends on Steam can see, but gaming media PC Gamer points out that this is an inflexible option.

Pavel Djundik , the author of SteamDB , a database that compiles Steam-related statistical information, discovered that such privacy options on Steam will be available for each individual game. Steam users can now set individual games to be 'private,' allowing users to hide games they don't want other Steam users or friends to know they're playing.

PC Gamer said, ``To be honest, it's not hard to guess why Steam users would want this feature.For example, it might be better to keep the fact that you spent 3,000 hours on Destiny 2 a secret from those around you.'' 'If this becomes known, it could even cause concern for friends and medical professionals,' he wrote, jokingly welcoming the advent of a private option.

Also, PC Gamer speculates that the reason why Valve allows private options to be set for each individual game on Steam is because ``hardcore erotic games are distributed on Steam.'' While it is great that games of all categories, including erotic games, are distributed on Steam, ``That doesn't mean I want to advertise to the world or my online gaming friends that I play these types of games.'' ” wrote PC Gamer.

Andy Chalk, a writer for PC Gamer, said, ``Sometimes I remember that I have a title called BOOBS BATTLEGROUND in my Steam library and think, ``Yeah, I have to do something about this.'' Believe it or not, I got this game years ago for work purposes, so I don't mind mentioning it, but I'm not sure if my Steam friends know about it. It would be troublesome to explain the circumstances.'

In addition, the new feature that allows you to set the public range of individual games on Steam is not available even in the beta version of the Steam client at the time of article creation. It is also unclear whether this feature will actually be released in the official Steam client. However, PC Gamer wrote that it ``seems natural'' to be able to keep some game information private while keeping your profile public.

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