I received the Raspberry Pi official keyboard and mouse, so I checked out the appearance in detail.Review

Shipping of '

Raspberry Pi 5 ' began on October 23, 2023. GIGAZINE also asked the Raspberry Pi Foundation to provide a sample of the Raspberry Pi 5 in order to create heat generation verification articles and installation procedure articles , but in addition to the Raspberry Pi 5 and genuine cooler, they also sent an official keyboard and official mouse. So I decided to check in detail what the official Raspberry Pi peripherals are.

Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Hub – Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Mouse – Raspberry Pi

The outer box of the Raspberry Pi official keyboard 'Raspberry Pi Keyboard and Hub' looks like this.

When opened, a keyboard and USB cable appeared.

The keyboard has a US layout, and the Super key, which corresponds to the Windows key on a Windows keyboard, has the Raspberry Pi logo.

The width of the key top is approximately 16mm, and the spacing between keys is approximately 3mm.

The back side is red. Legs are attached in four places, and the leg on the back side from the user's perspective has anti-slip pads.

There are no buttons on the side.

There are three USB-A ports and a microUSB port on the back. The microUSB port is used to connect to machines such as Raspberry Pi, and the USB-A port acts as a hub.

The actual weight was 294g.

The package of Raspberry Pi official mouse 'Raspberry Pi Mouse' looks like this.

The buttons are simple: left button, right button, and wheel. It is characterized by its white and red coloring.

The back side looks like this.

The actual weight is 98g.

This is what it looks like when lined up with Raspberry Pi equipped with a genuine active cooler, official keyboard, and official mouse. Of course, it works just like a regular keyboard and mouse on Windows PCs and Macs.

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