Apple continues to apply for patents in the name of Steve Jobs, who should have already passed away.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs passed away in 2011. However, of the patents filed by Apple in 2023, 12 patents mention the name of ``Steve Jobs'' as the inventor. Research company GreyB explains why the late Jobs' name continues to be used in patent applications.

Steve Jobs is Still Filing New Patent Applications!

Below is a portion of the ' List of Patents Obtained by Steve Jobs ' compiled by the New York Times in 2011. There are a wide variety of patents for desktop machines, notebook machines, iPhones, iPods, etc.

According to GreyB, the last patent (design) that Jobs was involved in inventing during his lifetime was related to the design of the entrance to

the Apple Store New York's Fifth Avenue store . This patent was granted on August 26, 2014. The design of the entrance to the Apple Store New York Fifth Avenue store is summarized in detail in the article below.

What design patent did Steve Jobs receive after his death? -GIGAZINE

In the United States, it can take several years from application to publication of a patent. For this reason, in addition to the Apple Store entrance design, there are many other designs that Jobs applied for during his lifetime and were approved after his death. Below is a table summarizing the top 20 most cited patents that were filed during Jobs' lifetime and published after his death.

Patent number Application year Release year Number of citations
USD677659S1 2011 2013 233
USD662503S1 2010 2012 215
USD673948S1 2011 2013 204
USD675612S1 2011 2013 200
US8564544B2 2007 2013 164
USD670286S1 2010 2012 144
USD668263S1 2010 2012 136
USD669071S1 2011 2012 127
USD656496S1 2010 2012 one two three
USD682262S1 2010 2013 122
USD662922S1 2010 2012 107
USD697511S1 2010 2014 92
USD683345S1 2010 2013 90
USD677664S1 2010 2013 90
USD677666S1 2011 2013 80
USD669069S1 2010 2012 77
USD689480S1 2011 2013 75
USD672343S1 2010 2012 75
US8619038B2 2007 2013 69
USD697918S1 2011 2014 68

Some of the patents published after Jobs' death include those that were filed ``after Jobs' death.'' In those patents, Jobs' ideas and comments are involved in the basis of the invention. Below is a list of patents filed since 2018 that include Steve Jobs' name as an inventor.
Patent number title Application year
USD976939S1 Display Screen Or Portion Thereof With Graphical User Interface
(a display screen or part thereof with a graphical user interface)
USD987620S1 Portable Computer
(portable computer)
USD978857S1 Portable Display Device
(portable display device)
USRE49429E1 Computing Device
(computing device)
USD986882S1 Portable Display Device
(portable display device)
USD987624S1 Portable Display Device
(portable display device)
US11586348B2 Portable Multifunction Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface Supporting User Navigations Of Graphical Objects On A Touch Screen Display
(Graphical user interface and portable multifunction device that supports user navigation of graphical objects on touch screen displays)
US11604559B2 Editing Interface
(editing interface)
AU2022201622B2 Touch Screen Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface For Determining Commands By Applying Heuristics
(Graphical user interface and touch screen devices to apply heuristics to determine commands)
USD998606S1 Electronic Device
(electronic device)
US20230261685A1 Portable Electronic Device With Two-Piece Housing
(portable electronic device with two bodies)
AU2023216869A1 Touch Screen Device, Method, And Graphical User Interface For Determining Commands By Applying Heuristics
(Graphical user interface and touch screen devices to apply heuristics to determine commands)

In the United States, intellectual property rights can be renewed in the form of 'applying for a patent renewal.' For this reason, the renewal of patents for Apple products will increase the number of patents that include Jobs as an inventor. For example, a patent regarding the shape of the iPhone was first filed in April 2008, and updated versions have been filed frequently since then.

Below is a table summarizing patents related to the shape of the iPhone. All patents list Jobs as the inventor.

Patent number Application period Release year/time
USD615083S1 June 2008 May 2010
USD620004S1 September 2009 July 2010
USD629799S1 March 2010 December 2010
USD633090S1 July 2010 February 2011
USD675612S1 February 2011 February 2013
USD696663S1 September 2012 December 2013
USD724078S1 September 2013 March 2015
USD778278S1 November 2013 February 2017
USD869460S1 February 2017 December 2019
USD922999S1 December 2019 June 2021
USD925523S1 July 2020 July 2021

Furthermore, if a company other than Apple ``cooperates with Apple to obtain a patent for a new invention based on Jobs' invention,'' Jobs' name will be registered as the inventor. As examples, GreyB cites ``a patent related to automatic vehicle control applied by Savant Systems' ' and ``a patent related to a media player progress bar applied by Teslamedics .''

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