Meta Quest 3's official accessory 'Elite Strap' has enhanced head support to improve comfort and stability during MR/VR experiences

A stand-alone VR/MR headset that is equipped with two 4K-quality RGB cameras and supports full-color pass-through, making it possible to experience not only VR (virtual reality) but also MR (mixed reality) content. Meta Quest 3 ” was released on October 10, 2023. As an official accessory, the `` Elite Strap '' has been released, which strengthens head support and improves wearing comfort, so I tried attaching it to Quest 3 to see how comfortable it would be.

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You can understand what Quest 3 looks like by reading the article below.

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This is a cosmetic case for Elite strap for Quest 3.

When I opened the inner box, the Elite strap was still there.

Inside is the Elite strap itself, installation instructions, safety and warranty guide.

The default headband for Quest 3 was a rubber band, but the Elite strap itself has a plastic band that is firmly fixed around the head. The part that holds the back of the head has a band with a hook-and-loop fastener that holds the top of the head in place.

There is a dial on the back of the headband that allows you to adjust the length of the headband.

A view of the occipital region from the inside. It feels like a black plastic part that wraps around the back of your head.

Viewed from the right. The side strap cover has a hole for a 3.5mm audio terminal.

Viewed from the left. The side strap cover has a hole for the USB-C port.

Weight is 160g. The

actual weight of the main body was 514g , so the Elite strap weighs about one-third of that.

That's why I will attach the Elite strap to the Quest 3 body.

The installation instructions include illustrations of how to install the product.

First, remove the face contact part on the visor part from the main body. If you apply too much force when removing it, it may break, so I gently pulled the face contact part to remove it.

Next, remove the left and right side strap covers. It can be removed by twisting and pulling on the part on the outside of the main unit where the cloth is attached.

Then, pull out the hook-and-loop part of the headband from the main body and remove it.

I was able to disassemble it into 3 parts: the main body, headband, and face area.

Next, prepare the Elite strap. Turn the dial on the back of the head counterclockwise to stretch the side straps and attach them to the main body.

Next, pass the hook and loop fastener part on the top of the head through the main body. This is the part that took a little time when I was actually working on it. The tip of the hook-and-loop fastener is a little hard, so I was able to thread it through by rolling it up or bending it to give it a bit of a texture before inserting it.

After installing the Elite strap.

Finally, after attaching the face contact part, the replacement is complete.

To secure the Elite strap, first place it over your head, then slowly tighten the band by turning the dial on the back of your head clockwise.

Next, adjust the hook-and-loop fastener to adjust the depth of the top of the head. With the default headband, the back of the head is also fixed with a rubber band, so when adjusting the top of the head, the back of the head may shift, and as a result, it is often not fixed properly. However, since the Elite strap firmly holds the back of the head, I feel that it is quite easy to adjust the top of the head.

Installation completed. The Elite strap firmly holds your head, so you don't have to worry about it slipping off even if you move a little vigorously. Thanks to the black cup-shaped parts that hold it in place, it can be said that the headband has enough holding power without having to tighten it too tightly.

I immediately put on the Quest 3 with the Elite strap and tried out

MR with full color pass-through . The Elite strap alone weighs 160g, so I thought it would be quite heavy, but when I actually put it on, the Elite strap held my head firmly, so it actually felt heavier. There were very few.

VR and MR experiences often involve moving your head and body a lot in order to look around, and the Quest 3's ``stand-alone type that doesn't need to be connected to a PC or smartphone'' feature greatly contributes to the immersive feeling. However, because the Quest 3's default headband was a rubber band, the center of gravity of the Quest 3 itself was biased to the front, causing a loss of stability. The Elite strap improves stability and makes the experience more comfortable, so it is recommended for people who want to actively use their Quest 3.

The Elite strap for Meta Quest 3 can be ordered at, and at the time of article creation it can be purchased for 10,449 yen including tax. In addition, an Elite strap with a battery pack that can extend operating time by up to 2 hours can be purchased for 19,580 yen including tax. Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap: Game Meta Quest 3 Elite Strap with Battery: Game

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