X (formerly Twitter) begins testing ``Not A Bot'' program that charges $1 per year for posts and reposts

X has launched a trial in New Zealand and the Philippines of Not A Bot, a subscription model aimed at reducing spam posts and bots. As a result, new users will have to pay an annual membership fee worth $1 (approximately 149 yen) to use major features such as posting and reposting, and if they do not subscribe, they will only be able to use 'read-only' features. Become.

Not a Bot


X will begin charging new users $1 a year | Fortune

On October 18, 2023, X posted, ``Starting today, we are testing a new program (Not A Bot) in New Zealand and the Philippines. A $1 annual subscription is required. Existing users are not affected by this test.'

The test began on October 17th, and new users in the two countries will be required to authenticate their phone and sign up for a $1 annual subscription plan.

If you subscribe, you will be able to post content, 'like' posts, reply to them, repost or quote them, and bookmark posts on the web version of X. However, if you do not subscribe, you will be able to view posts and videos, or close your account. Only passive features such as following are available.

'This new test was developed to balance accessibility with small fees, while building on our already successful efforts to reduce spam, platform manipulation, and bot activity. It is not for raising the price.'' The fee is set at 1.43 New Zealand dollars (about 126 yen) per year in New Zealand and 42.51 Philippine peso (about 112 yen) per year in the Philippines.

At the same time as the announcement, the Not-a-Bot Terms of Service were also published, explaining the subscription program that unlocks key features as a complement to the X Terms of Service and Paid Service Terms. This program is different from X Premium , which costs 1,380 yen per month (980 yen for the web version) and provides special features such as ``cancel post'' and ``edit post.''

FORTUNE, a business magazine that first covered this announcement, said, ``X owner Elon Musk has long floated the idea of charging users $1 for X. During a livestream conversation with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Mr. Musk said, ``This is the only way to fight against a huge army of bots.''

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