I tried ``Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat'' which has 4 times the mystery meat and is specialized in mystery meat, and ``Cup Noodles Seafood Noodles Covered with Squid'' which has 3 times the amount of squid.

``Cup Noodles Mysterious Meat Covered' ' and ` `Cup Noodles Seafood Noodles Covered with Squid'', which are filled with cup noodles' popular mystery meat and squid, will be released on October 30, 2023 (Monday). The editorial department has released ``Mystery Meat Specialized Capunu'', which contains about 4 times the amount of seasoned minced pork (also known as mystery meat) as the regular version, and ``Squid Specialized Seafood'', which has about 3 times as much squid as the standard seafood noodle. When it arrived, I tried it covered in mystery meat and squid.

“Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat” and “Cup Noodles Seafood Noodles Covered with Squid” (released October 30th) | Nissin Food Group


This is 'Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat'. On the side of the cup, it says, ``Because it's a mystery meat specialty Kapunu, there's no shrimp!''

As written on the side of the cup, only 'seasoned pork mince,' 'seasoned egg,' and 'green onion' are written as raw materials, and there is no shrimp.

Calories are 374kcal per 76g serving.

Just add hot water and wait for 3 minutes.

It was completed. If you compare 'Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat (left)' and the regular Cup Noodles (right) purchased for comparison, the difference is obvious. The mystery meat specialized version has more mystery meat and fewer seasoned eggs than the regular version.

First, I will try eating regular cup noodles. The soup is Cup Noodle's original soup with chicken as a base and soy sauce, and with the mysterious meat that oozes out the flavor with every bite, it creates a stable taste that you will never get tired of.

The soup of 'Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat' has the same taste as the regular version, but the large amount of mysterious meat inside gives it a different impression. Although there is no shrimp as an accent, the umami and flavor of the mystery meat that has melted into the soup has increased, and whether you eat the ingredients or the noodles, you can taste the mystery meat, making it a true mystery meat lover. It was an irresistible cup.

Next, we will try 'Cup Noodle Seafood Noodle Squid Covered'. This one also specializes in squid, so it doesn't contain crab sticks.

The raw materials are as follows.

Calories are 351kcal per serving (74g).

So, I made the regular version 'Cup Noodle Seafood Noodle (left)' and 'Cup Noodle Seafood Noodle Squid Covered (right)'.

The regular version of ``Cup Noodles Seafood Noodles'' has a flavor that combines the flavors of seafood and vegetables with a pork base, and the chewy squid is a nice accent.

On the other hand, ``Cup Noodles Seafood Noodle Squid Covered'' has so much squid that it doesn't disappear from your mouth no matter how much you chew it, so you eat it by replenishing the noodles little by little while eating the squid. As a result, my mouth was always filled with the delicious flavor of seafood, and the addictive feeling of seafood noodles was boosted many times over.

``Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat'' and ``Cup Noodles Covered with Mysterious Meat'' and ``Cup Noodles Seafood Noodles Covered with Squid'' will be available for purchase at retail stores nationwide from October 30, 2023 (Monday), and the suggested retail price for both is 236 yen excluding tax.

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