It is reported that Apple may introduce a system that ``allows you to apply the latest software updates to unopened iPhones''

Some people may have experienced that when they first started up their iPhone after purchasing it, the version of iOS installed on their device was outdated and they immediately updated the software. However, Bloomberg's Mark Garman reports that Apple may introduce a system that allows iOS updates to be applied to unopened iPhones.

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Apple Stores could update iPhones without opening boxes

If you purchase a new iPhone from a retail store such as the Apple Store, the version of iOS installed on your device may be outdated. In fact, the initial batch of iPhone 15 series released on September 22, 2023 had iOS 17 , released on September 18, 2023, installed. However, Apple released ' iOS 17.0.1 ' on September 21, 2023, which includes bug fixes and zero-day vulnerability fixes.

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Therefore, when you actually get the iPhone 15 series for the first time, it is already an old iOS version, and depending on the importance of the update, users will need to take the iPhone out of the box and immediately update the software.

In order to improve this situation, Apple is thought to have devised a system to update the software before handing over the iPhone to the user. According to Garman, the system developed by Apple is a unique pad-like device on which an unopened iPhone is placed.

When you place an unopened iPhone in, the system can wirelessly power it on, perform software updates, and then power it down without opening the box. In this way, the user will receive an unopened iPhone with the latest software updates.

Garman speculates that ``Apple seems to be aiming to deploy this system in the Apple Store by the end of 2023.'' In addition, foreign media Apple Insider said, ``Mr. Garman only mentions software updates for unopened iPhones, but there is a possibility that this system can be extended to other Apple products.''

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