“Namiba Monster” is a bread knife that can cut bread with a blade length of 45cm.

Many people have experienced having trouble cutting bread properly when baking their own bread or buying a whole loaf. At the food industry trade show '

FABEX Kansai 2023 ,' I found a bread cutting knife called ' Namiba Monster ' that cuts like crazy, so I took a picture of it cutting bread.

[Favex Kansai] [Kansai Dessert Sweets & Bakery Exhibition]

Wave Blade Monster | Suncraft Co., Ltd. – Commercial bread knife for “bread and cake chefs”

I found a booth with bread and a bread knife at the FABEX venue.

This was a booth promoting the ``Wave Monster'' bread cutting knife developed by

Suncraft , which is based in Seki City, Gifu Prefecture, which is famous for its cutlery.

The Wave Blade Monster is a bread knife that has a blade length of 40 cm and a light weight of approximately 170 g, and is said to be able to cut bread and sweets with its sharp wave blade. If you look at the cross section of the bread placed in the booth, you can see that it is cut smoothly without being crushed.

I had the staff cut the bread using a wave blade monster. By playing the movie below, you can check the sharpness of the wave blade monster.

How to cut bread with the extremely easy-to-cut bread knife 'Namiba Monster' - YouTube

According to the Wave Blade Monster's introduction page , it is also possible to use the blade's length to cut multiple roll cakes at the same time.

The Wave Blade Monster is a bread knife for professionals, but Suncraft's lineup also includes the ' Seseragi ' bread knife for home use.

Wave Blade Monster can be purchased for 13,200 yen including tax on the following page.

Wave Blade Monster 45cm | Wave Blade Monster | Suncraft Co., Ltd.

Seseragi is also sold by multiple sellers on Amazon.co.jp.

Amazon | SUNCRAFT Bread Knife Seseragi MS-001 | Suncraft | Bread Knife Mail Order

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