The EU warns Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg that ``a lot of false information about Palestinian-Israeli combat is posted on SNS'' and asks them to take action.

Hamas , the Islamic fundamentalist organization that effectively controls the Gaza Strip in Palestine, launched a large-scale attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, and in response, Israel has also carried out large-scale retaliation. It is currently estimated that at least 2,000 people on both sides were killed and over 4,500 injured. Along with this, posts reporting the battle have been circulating on SNS such as X and Facebook. On the other hand, some of the posts posted on SNS included false and misleading posts, and the European Union (EU) has issued sanctions against Elon Musk, who owns X, and Mark Zuckerberg, who owns Meta. I'm giving you a warning.

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Europe gives Musk 24 hours to respond about Israel-Hamas war misinformation on X

EU warns Elon Musk over 'disinformation' on X about Hamas attack | Elon Musk | The Guardian

Europe gives Zuckerberg 24 hours to respond about Israel-Hamas misinfo

The conflict between Palestine and Israel, which began on October 7, 2023, has so far claimed the lives of more than 2,000 soldiers, civilians, and others. On the other hand, there are many posts on social media that contain false information and misleading claims about the conflict.

X (Twitter) is flooded with false information about the ``Palestinian-Israeli war,'' and even unrelated videos and game footage are spreading - GIGAZINE

In response to this, in the EU, based on the ' (PDF file) Digital Services Act (DSA),' which requires the removal of illegal content online, Musk is required to undergo content moderation for false or misleading posts. We request that you take appropriate action.

Thierry Breton, the EU's top commissioner, told Musk, ``X has an important obligation to moderate content,'' and added, ``In relation to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, your social media platform is illegal.'' We have identified signs within the EU that content and content are being used to disseminate false information.' 'We have responded swiftly and accurately to reduce the risks to public safety and citizens associated with the impact of these false posts. within 24 hours of sending this letter.'

According to Mr. Breton, the current situation where many false and misleading posts and content are posted may be due to the significant changes to the platform implemented after Mr. Musk's acquisition of X.

If X does not comply with the DSA and fails to take action, it will be subject to sanctions such as a fine equal to 6% of X's annual revenue or suspension of X's services in Europe under European regulations. There is a possibility that

On the other hand, Mr. Musk told Mr. Breton, ``X's policy is to open source everything and ensure transparency. I'm sure the EU supports this policy. , please present it in a format that can be viewed by the general public.'

In response, Breton said, ``You all know that the authorities and various users have reported users to X for posting false content and content that condones violence. Please take action. ” is the response.

In response to Mr. Brereton's warning, It reports that it has deleted hundreds of accounts attempting to manipulate topics, and that community notes are running in real time, emphasizing that it is responding to false posts.

A similar warning by the EU was also delivered to Mr. Zuckerberg, who owns Meta, and the EU has ordered that content related to terrorism and illegal hate speech be monitored and deleted on social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. I'm looking for.

A spokesperson for Meta told foreign media CNBC, ``Following the start of terrorist attacks by Hamas, we have carefully monitored and responded to the rapidly changing situation by hiring experts, including Hebrew and Arabic speakers, to closely monitor and respond to the rapidly changing situation. We have formed a team.' 'While keeping our platform safe, our team takes action, such as removing posts, on content that violates our policies or local laws, and works with local governments to limit the spread of misinformation. We are working with fact checkers around the clock.'

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