I tried drinking ``Peachio Re'' supervised by Nankinmachi, which uses domestic white peach puree and has a rich sweetness.

Eight menu items supervised by Nankinmachi, arranged from popular menus in

Nankinmachi, Kobe, are now available at Lawson. Among these, ``Pichio Re'' supervised by Nankinmachi was easily available as it was available at Hankyu Oasis and Izumiya, so I bought it and tried it.

[Kinki Area Information] In time for the Mid-Autumn Festival, 8 menu items supervised by Nankinmachi will be released! |Lawson Research Institute

The package of 'Pichio Re supervised by Nankinmachi' looks like this.

One side of the package contains an explanation of Nankinmachi.

Ingredients include high fructose corn syrup, peach puree, and skim milk powder.

100ml is 22kcal, so one 500ml bottle is 110kcal.

It looks like this when poured into a glass. It is slightly more yellow than pure white. The viscosity of the liquid is normal, but when you drink it, the rich, peach-like sweetness spreads throughout your mouth. This is too powerful to drink alone, so I would like to pair it with a dessert that can stand up to its sweetness.

'Pichio Re supervised by Nankinmachi' is on sale at Lawson, Hankyu Oasis, and Izumiya in the Kinki area for 162 yen including tax. In addition, Lawson also sells ``Yakisoba rice balls with chashu supervised by Nankinmachi,'' ``Gyoza bento bento supervised by Nankinmachi,'' ``Dandan noodles without soup supervised by Nankinmachi,'' and ``Boiled dumplings with spicy sauce supervised by Nankinmachi (4 pieces).'' ``Chinese-style rice porridge supervised by Nankinmachi'', ``Egg tart pie supervised by Nankinmachi'', and ``Mala khao (koshian) supervised by Nankinmachi'' are also on sale.

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