Repair shop develops tool 'Nerd.Tool.1' to break through Apple's repair prevention lock

Recent MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs are equipped with a security chip called T2,

which prevents anyone other than Apple from repairing them . Stefan Steins, who runs a repair shop in Germany, has revealed that he has developed a tool to break through the lock on repair prevention by this T2 chip.

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MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are equipped with a 'display angle sensor' that detects whether the display part is open or closed, and if it is closed, turns off the screen and fan and enters sleep mode. However, if the display angle sensor fails, it won't detect the open/closed state, which may prevent the screen or fan from turning off, which will generally shorten the lifespan of your MacBook.

Therefore, if a sensor fails, it will need to be replaced, but since Apple uses T2 chips or M1/M2 chips to tailor the sensor to a specific device, all a repair shop can do is , just scrape off the corroded part of the broken sensor and hope it works. If it didn't work, I had no choice but to refer them to the Apple Store.

Using ``Nerd.Tool.1'' developed by Mr. Steins, it is possible to replace the display angle sensor without adjustment by Apple. The sensor itself costs about a few dollars (several hundred yen), so you can ask a nearby company to repair it at a low cost.

Mr. Steins demonstrating how to use 'Nerd.Tool.1'.

Louis Rothman, who developed the tool with Steins, said, ``We broke Apple's key,'' adding, ``I don't know who at Apple decided not to release (this specification) to engineers.'' 'Fuck you, we win,' he said, holding up his middle finger.

Mr. Steins and his colleagues are said to be working on a new repair tool ``Nerd.Tool.2'' that avoids Apple's ``Repair DRM''.

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