Naughty Dog, which develops ``The Last of Us'' and other games under Sony, has laid off at least 25 employees.

Naughty Dog, a game development company under Sony that develops the ``The Last of Us'' and ``Uncharted'' series, is reported to have laid off at least 25 employees.

Even The PS5 Studio Behind The Last Of Us Is Cutting Costs

Naughty Dog is a game development company affiliated with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE), and has created popular works such as ' Uncharted: The Last Treasure, ' ' The Last of Us Part II ,' and ' The Last of Us Part I. ' We are sending it out into the world.

According to information obtained by overseas media Kotaku from two Naughty Dog officials, Naughty Dog has laid off at least 25 employees. It seems that mainly quality assurance test personnel were fired, but employees in the art and production departments were also reportedly fired. As of July 2023, Naughty Dog had over 400 employees. It is also said that the fired employees did not include full-time workers.

According to officials, employees who have been notified of dismissal are being asked to continue working until the end of October 2023, and employees, including those who are not subject to dismissal, have been told not to provide any information regarding the dismissal to outside parties. It is said that there was.

In addition, in early 2023, it was reported that at least 95 employees were fired at 343 Industries, a game development company under Microsoft that develops the Halo series and others.

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Also, in September 2023, Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, has announced that it will lay off 830 employees.

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