I ate ``Miso Katsu'' which covered the tonkatsu batter with a sea of sweet miso sauce to give it a rich taste at Gifu's famous restaurant ``Tonkatsu Tachibana''.

Miso-katsu (miso cutlet), which is popular in the Chukyo area, is a dish eaten by pouring sweet and salty miso sauce over pork cutlet. I heard that at the famous restaurant 'Tonkatsu Tachibana' in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, you can eat exquisite miso cutlet with so much miso sauce that you can't see the coating on the pork cutlet, so I went to 'Tonkatsu Tachibana' and tried the miso cutlet. I did.

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'Tonkatsu Tachibana' has one store in Noritake, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, and one store in Takehana, Hashima City, Gifu Prefecture. This time, I visited the store in Noritake, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture.

Arrived at 'Tonkatsu Tachibana'. There are 16 free parking spaces available.

There is also a second parking lot on the other side of the black fence.

Now, enter the store.

Once we were seated, we were offered tea and pickles.

The menu looks like this. This time I ordered C cutlet (1750 yen including tax), large rice (230 yen including tax), and red soup (210 yen including tax). During the daytime on weekdays, the red soup stock will be served free of charge.

Within a few minutes, miso cutlet, large rice, and red soup stock were served.

When you look at miso cutlet up close, it looks like this. The smooth miso sauce completely covers the golden brown batter. Also, plenty of mustard is added to the top right of the plate.

Comparing the size of miso cutlet with a transportation IC card, it looks like this.

When I tried it, I found that the miso sauce had a distinctly sweeter taste than salty taste. Pork also has an umami and sweetness that rivals miso sauce, and the strong flavors of miso and pork complement each other. The batter was completely immersed in the miso sauce, but strangely enough, it still had a slight crispiness.

The large amount of miso sauce gives it an incredibly strong flavor, so the rice goes on and on. This time I ordered a large bowl of rice, but if I don't adjust my eating accordingly, I'm afraid I'll run out of rice.

Miso katsu has a strong sweetness, so it goes perfectly with the spiciness of mustard. Even if you add miso sauce to the miso katsu to the point where you think it's too strong, the mustard leaves it refreshing and doesn't feel too strong. After experimenting with various amounts of miso sauce and mustard, I felt that the best solution was to add a large amount of both to enjoy the marriage of intense sweetness and spiciness.

Many people think of red dashi as ``miso soup with a strong flavor,'' but the red dashi at Tonkatsu Tachibana is as thick as ``a soup with a little bit of miso dissolved in it that gives you the umami of dashi.'' It tasted like it. Miso katsu has a strong flavor, so we recommend resting your tongue with the red soup stock before proceeding.

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