Linux software engineer praises Valve

Valve has been contributing to the Linux industry for many years, including by developing the Linux distribution

SteamOS . In addition to these achievements, in response to the rekindling of the topic of Valve at the Linux Foundation Europe summit on September 18, 2023, Linux developer Michael Larrabelle has once again introduced Valve's efforts.

Valve Is A Wonderful Upstream Contributor To Linux & The Open-Source Community - Phoronix

Valve started

building SteamOS based on Arch Linux from SteamOS version 3.0, and this version is used in the mobile game terminal 'Steam Deck' developed by Valve. In order to play Windows games on Linux, Valve has developed an open source tool ``Proton'' based on the compatible tool `` Wine '', which not only contributes to Linux but also has great value to the open source community. Larabelle points out that

It has been confirmed that the number of Linux users on Valve's game platform Steam has increased since it was announced that Steam Deck was equipped with a Linux-based OS, and by the time the model was released a year ago, It has also been revealed that Linux users have overtaken macOS users for the first time in observation history.

Linux finally overtakes macOS in OS share of Steam gamers, possibility of ``Steam Deck'' having an impact - GIGAZINE

'Valve engineers have made countless improvements to the Mesa and Vulkan drivers, as well as the graphics driver component of the kernel. AMD graphics to benefit Steam Deck hardware. 'Not just drivers, but Zink and other common infrastructure. Valve's contributions, and the contributions of their partners, have been incredibly beneficial to the Linux desktop ecosystem, not just gaming.' Did.

Valve has also been noted to pay development fees to over 100 open source developers working on projects such as Proton and Mesa.

Valve revealed that it paid development costs to more than 100 open source developers when developing Steam Deck - GIGAZINE

by Tamahikari Tammas

'In addition to the above, Valve is also involved in efforts such as expanding support for case-insensitive file systems in Linux, various other kernel features, the Wayland compositor Gamescope , immutable software updates, and Flatpak ,' Larrabelle said. 'It should come as no surprise to avid open source/Linux enthusiasts that Valve is fueling the entire open source ecosystem with the development of Steam Deck and SteamOS.'

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