Steam Deck developer says ``There will be no next-generation model for the next few years''

Valve, which develops the portable gaming PC ``Steam Deck'', has stated that ``we cannot expect any performance upgrades for the next few years'' regarding the possibility of a next-generation Steam Deck model with improved performance.

Valve: don't expect a faster Steam Deck 'in the next couple of years' - The Verge

No Steam Deck performance upgrade 'in the next couple of years' says Valve |

``Steam Deck'' is a portable gaming PC developed by Valve, the operator of the popular PC gaming platform Steam, that allows you to easily play PC games anytime, anywhere. It was released in Japan in December 2022, but in the United States and Europe, it will be released a little earlier in February 2022. Steam Deck is still ranked 11th on Steam's top seller list as of September 2023, more than a year after its release, and has received tremendous support from the gaming community.

Regarding such Steam Deck, Valve's developer said that the next generation model 'will appear in a few years' and was a hot topic.

``A high-spec version of Steam Deck will appear in a few years,'' developer Valve staff said, creating a buzz - GIGAZINE

Steam Deck designer Pierre Lou Griffai answered an interview with overseas media The Verge and said that the next generation model of Steam Deck may appear in the second half of 2025 or later. The reason it takes several years for the next generation model to appear is to 'try to improve performance without significantly impacting battery life.'

'For us, it's important that Steam Deck provides developers with fixed performance goals, presents simple messages to customers, and allows all Steam Decks to play the same game. Changes should not be taken lightly and should only be made if there is a significant improvement expected, and we also do not want performance improvements to come at the expense of significant power efficiency or battery life. Although we do not expect such a leap to be possible in a few years, we will still closely monitor innovations in architecture and manufacturing processes to see where things go.' He spoke to The Verge.

Griffai told CNBC at Tokyo Game Show 2023 about the next generation model of Steam Deck, ``We are considering this performance goal (development of the next generation model of Steam Deck) as a stable goal for the next few years. ” he said.

In response, The Verge says, ``The next few years may be longer than we thought. Steam Deck can technically still play the latest PC games, but The Last of Us It will be difficult to play newer titles like Part I that have strict minimum requirements or are poorly optimized. This includes Redfall and Starfield ,' he said, adding that next-gen models are not coming soon. I regret not having one.

However, The Verge says, ``That being said, it's entirely possible that Valve is developing a new Steam Deck, with the performance aspects remaining the same. 'Nintendo has updated the Nintendo Switch twice, the first time to improve the battery , and the second time to improve the screen .' It points out that there is a possibility that a different minor upgrade will be made.

In addition, it is possible that improving the frame rate during game play can be achieved by changing the display to a new one without upgrading the built-in chip. In fact, when I played Starfield on ASUS ROG Ally and AYANEO GEEK 1S , I found that ASUS ROG Ally was able to play the game at a better frame rate, even though they both have the same processor. The reason for this seems to be 'because the display supports variable refresh rates.' Therefore, The Verge points out that Steam Deck can also improve frame rates without upgrading the CPU or GPU.

You can find out what kind of gaming device Steam Deck is by reading the article below.

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The setup procedure is as follows.

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The following article examines battery consumption and heat generation, which are concerns when playing games.

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At the time of article creation, Steam Deck has over 8,000 titles that are ``confirmed to work properly.'' Also, you can play games that require decent specs like Elden Ring, which came out in 2022, without any problems, and you can even play older AAA titles with ray tracing enabled .

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