I tried McDonald's 'Puripuri Shrimp' which stimulates the appetite with shrimp wrapped in crispy batter

` `Puripuri Shrimp '' wrapped in crispy batter has been appearing at McDonald's since September 20, 2023 (Wednesday). It is said that it is made to have an addictive taste that allows you to feel the original taste and aroma of shrimp, so I actually tried it.

McDonald's first new shrimp side menu in 17 years! Contains 5 pieces of 'Puripuri Ebiprio' with its plump and addictive taste! | McDonald's official


Arrived at McDonald's.

I ordered 'Pripuri Eprio' and brought it home.

The package of 'Puripuri Ebpurio' looks like this.

I opened the box.

'Puripuri Ebprio' comes in a pack of 5.

When you cut it and check the cross section, it looks like this. The shrimp seem to have been ground into mince.

When you eat it, the shrimp wrapped in crispy batter will burst in your mouth. With every bite, the flavor of the shrimp and the punch of garlic spread, and I kept eating more and more and it was gone in no time.

``Pripuri Eprio'' will be sold at McDonald's nationwide, excluding some stores, for a limited time from Wednesday, September 20, 2023 to late October, and the price is 260 yen including tax.

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