The 2023 model of the standard action camera 'GoPro HERO12 Black' is equipped with a tripod screw hole, greatly improving mobility

The action camera ' GoPro HERO12 Black ', which can shoot 5.3K high-resolution movies while suppressing blur during intense action, was released in September 2023. GoPro HERO12 Black has twice the operating time compared to

the previous generation model , and it is now possible to shoot vertically-composed movies without changing the camera orientation. The GoPro HERO12 Black, which has so many improvements, came to our editorial department, so we first checked the appearance in detail.

GoPro HERO12 Black action camera (waterproof + image stabilization) | GoPro

The package of GoPro HERO12 Black looks like this. The large number '12' is the landmark.

GoPro HERO12 Black is housed in a white box inside the package.

When you open the white box, it looks like this.

Inside was the GoPro HERO12 Black body, a USB cable, 3 mounting parts to attach to a helmet, etc., and instructional documents.

A 1.4-inch LCD screen and lens are placed on the front of the GoPro HERO12 Black. The viewing angle (angle of view) of the lens is 156 degrees, and the focal length is equivalent to 12mm to 39mm in 35mm conversion. However, the zoom is digital rather than optical.

It has a 2.27-inch LCD screen on the back.

There is a waterproof cover on the left side.

Opening the waterproof cover revealed the battery slot, microSD card slot, and USB port.

There is a power button on the right side.

There is a recording start/stop button on the top.

The bottom is equipped with folding fingers that can be used to attach various accessories. There is also a screw hole in the center for attaching a tripod, etc.

The folding fingers allow you to easily attach compatible accessories as shown below.

It can also be easily attached to a tripod using the screw holes. Previous generation models such as the GoPro HERO11 Black did not have a screw hole and required a separate adapter when attaching to a tripod, so this is a very convenient improvement depending on the application.

The dimensions of GoPro HERO12 Black are 50.8 mm in height x 71.8 mm in width x 33.6 mm in depth, and the actual weight including the battery and microSD card was 151 g.

In addition, GoPro HERO12 Black is available at official stores and electronics retailers. At the time of article creation, it is available at for 63,800 yen including tax.

Amazon | GoPro Official Store Limited GoPro HERO12 Black + Certified SD Card [Domestic Genuine Product] | Wearable Camera/Action Cam Mail Order

We have published a review article verifying the image stabilization performance of GoPro HERO12 Black.

Check out the video to see how much image stabilization performance 'GoPro HERO12 Black' has, and how about the performance of 'HyperSmooth 6.0'? -GIGAZINE

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