Photo review of “Galaxy Tab S9,” “Galaxy Tab S9+,” and “Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra,” which are labeled as “products that will revolutionize tablet PCs.”

Three models of the Android tablet '

Galaxy Tab S9 ' series, ' Galaxy Tab S9 ', ' Galaxy Tab S9+ ' and ' Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra ', which Samsung announced as 'unprecedented quality in every aspect', will be released on September 1, 2023. It was also released in Japan. It is Samsung's largest organic EL liquid crystal display, and the included pen is said to be of the highest quality ever, so I was able to get my hands on all three models, so I took a lot of pictures while comparing them.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 | Samsung Japan Official

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9+ (Galaxy Tab S9 Plus) | Samsung Japan Official

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra | Samsung Japan Official

'Galaxy Tab S9' looks like this. Since the camera is on the long side, it is designed to be placed horizontally. The main body size is 165.8 mm in height and 254.3 mm in width, and the organic EL display size is 11 inches.

The back looks like this. The only color available for the Galaxy Tab S9 series is a chic gray graphite.

The thickness of 'Galaxy Tab S9' is 5.9mm. A microSD card slot, volume button, and power button are located on the top.

Speaker on the left side

In addition to the speaker, there is one USB Type-C port on the right side.

On the bottom is a terminal for attaching a special cover.

The front camera above the LCD is equipped with an approximately 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera.

Approximately 13 megapixel wide-angle camera on the back.

To compare the sizes, I placed the Galaxy Tab S9 and

the 4th generation iPad Air side by side. The one on the left is the 'Galaxy Tab S9' and the one on the right is the '4th generation iPad Air.' When compared, the body sizes are almost the same, but the display size of the 'Galaxy Tab S9' feels larger due to the thinner bezel, and the corner edges However, since the ``4th generation iPad Air'' is rounder, the ``Galaxy Tab S9'' has a smarter impression.

When taken from the side, the Galaxy Tab S9 on the left is thinner than the 4th generation iPad Air on the right.

The 'Galaxy Tab S9' series has three models: 'Galaxy Tab S9', 'Galaxy Tab S9+', and 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra', so we compared all models. The images below are from the left: 'Galaxy Tab S9', 'Galaxy Tab S9+', 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra'. 'Galaxy Tab S9+' has a main body size of 185.4 mm in height x 285.4 mm in width x 5.7 mm in thickness and a display size of 12.4 inches, while the largest 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra' is 208.6 mm in height x 326.4 mm in width x 5.5 mm in thickness. mm and the display size is 14.6 inches.

This is what it looks like when you overlap them and compare the sizes.

The number of buttons on the top and sides is the same for all models. Regarding the thickness, the 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra' at the bottom of the image is 0.2 mm thinner than the other two models, but I couldn't tell the difference even when I looked at them side by side.

Looking at the back, the 'Galaxy Tab S9' has one rear camera, while the 'Galaxy Tab S9+' and 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra' have two rear cameras, both an 8 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera and a 13 megapixel camera. It is a pixel wide-angle camera.

In addition, the front camera of 'Galaxy Tab S9' and 'Galaxy Tab S9+' is the same 12 megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, but 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra' has a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera in addition to a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera. It also comes with a camera. Also, if you look at the front camera of the 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra' shown at the top of the image below, you can see that the bezel of the camera part is protruding.

Therefore, we compared the bezels of the three models. The image below shows, from the left, the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+, and Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. '' has 5mm bezels on the top, bottom, left and right sides, and only the front camera part is 8mm.

The Galaxy Tab S9 series also comes with a dedicated S Pen. Like the main body, the S Pen also has IP68 grade dustproof and waterproof performance, and has been improved overall, such as improved tip sensitivity and fewer erroneous clicks.

The S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S9 series has a button on the grip.

When I actually used the S Pen on the Galaxy Tab S9, the tip of the pen was made of a slightly soft material and felt like it fit well while writing.

When comparing the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S9 and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil side by side, the S Pen is approximately 14.7 cm long compared to the 2nd generation Apple Pencil which is approximately 16.6 cm long. In addition, the '2nd generation Apple Pencil' has a circumference of 2.9 mm and weighs 20.7 g, while the S Pen is approximately 2.6 mm thick and weighs 9 g.

Comparing the pen tips of the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S9 and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil, it looks like this.

In addition, some models of Samsung's smartphones, such as the Galaxy Note series and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, come with a dedicated S Pen.

The Galaxy Note 8 I had at hand had a Samsung pen stored in the bottom right corner of the device.

The top of the image below is the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Tab S9, and the bottom is the S Pen that comes with the Galaxy Note 8. The ``Galaxy Note 8'' S Pen for smartphones is thin enough to grip firmly and write, but the S Pen that comes with the ``Galaxy Tab S9'' has a thickness similar to that of a general ballpoint pen.

All 'Galaxy Tab S9' series have an area on the back to install the S Pen. As shown in the image below, there is a groove-like part next to the rear camera.

If you align it perfectly with the groove, it will stick with a magnet. Some of Samsung's S Pens require charging with a USB Type-C cable, but the S Pen included with the Galaxy Tab S9 series uses a magnetic attachment for bidirectional charging, so you can simply attach it to the back. Can be charged with.

If you use the Galaxy Tab S9 on a table with the S Pen attached to the back, it will be slightly tilted.

It looks like this when you start it up.

The Samsung Store price is 124,799 yen for 'Galaxy Tab S9', 162,599 yen for 'Galaxy Tab S9+', 209,799 yen for 'Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra', and the runner-up for article creation is 'Galaxy Tab S9' Only this item is out of stock. Also, on Amazon, only the 'Galaxy Tab S9+' is a genuine domestic product, and the price is 162,600 yen. Galaxy Tab S9+ | Graphite | Tablet | Samsung genuine domestic genuine product | SM-X810NZAAXJP

We will continue to review exclusive accessories and spec comparisons for the Galaxy Tab S9 series, so please look forward to it.


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