``Stray'', a game where you become a cat and travel through a cyberpunk world, will be made into an animated movie

It has been announced that ``Stray'', an action-adventure game where you become a cat and explore a world without humans in the near future, will be made into an animated movie.

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'Stray' is an action-adventure game with a cat as the main character, developed by French game maker BlueTwelve Studio and distributed by Annapurna Interactive . It will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4 in July 2022, and will also be distributed for Xbox in August 2023. In addition to being a cat and adventuring in a cyberpunk world, this work has attracted attention from various aspects, such as attracting attention from actual cats and people trying to decipher their own language. Also reviewed on GIGIAZINE.

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Annapurna Animation, which has the same parent company as Annapurna Interactive, the distributor of Stray, was in charge of animation production for the first time in the animated movie `` Nimona '', which was distributed on Netflix in 2023 and gained popularity. Entertainment Weekly reports that Annapurna Animation is planning to make an animated film of Stray with Nick Bruno, the director of Nimona, and Chris Wedge , the director of the 3DCG animated film ' Ice Age .' It became clear.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in late August 2023, Robert Baird, who heads Annapurna Animation, said of Stray, 'This is a game that questions everything that makes us human. There are no humans in. It's a cat-robot buddy comedy with very hilarious dynamics, which means that while Stray's animated films are inherently comedic, there's not even a single human. I think that's one of the reasons why Stray has become so incredibly popular.'

In addition, Baird said there are 'very emotional things' that creators try to capture when making games into movies. In response, BlueTwelve Studio, the developer of the game, explained, ``I think that'Hopepunk', where optimism is a form of resistance, will be the category of this work.' Furthermore, 'If we can get the film adaptation right, I think it's going to be the best hope punk movie ever made,' notes Baird.

The release date and method of the movie version of Stray has not been disclosed.

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