X announces the start of collecting user's educational background / work history and biometric information

On August 31, 2023, X (formerly Twitter) announced that it would partially revise its privacy policy and issue it from September 29 of the same year. In this, a statement has been added stating that X may collect and use the user's educational background, work history, and biometric information.

Twitter privacy policy


X (née Twitter) wants to collect your biometric data and employment history | Ars Technica


In article 1.1 'Information provided by users to our company' of the new privacy policy, Information regarding job preferences, skills and abilities, job search activities, job offers, etc.) may be collected and used.''

The main purpose of using biometric information is to 'ensure safety and security and confirming identity,' and the main purpose of using personal information is to 'introduce promising jobs to users, and when users apply for jobs, 'To share information about you with former potential employers, to help employers find better candidates, and to display more relevant ads to you.' .

At the time of writing the article, X did not have any items to set academic background or work history, so it remains unclear how this information will be collected. Regarding biometric information, it has been pointed out that biometric information will be collected as a countermeasure against spoofing of X's subscription service 'X Premium (formerly Twitter Blue)', so at least it will not be collected in connection with X Premium. There seems to be no doubt about it.

Will X (formerly Twitter) deploy a user verification system that uses ``selfies and government-issued ID'' on the paid subscription Blue? - GIGAZINE

In addition to the primary purposes mentioned above, X also stipulates in Section 2.1 “Operation, Improvement and Personalization of Our Services” that “Various information collected may be used to train machine learning or artificial intelligence models.”

A lawsuit has been filed in Illinois regarding X's biometric information for ``collecting data without proper notification in violation of state law,'' and the lawsuit is pending at the time of writing. The suit alleges that while using software that restricts NSFW images, X did not adequately inform users that it was collecting and storing biometric identifiers from photos uploaded to the platform. As a result, the plaintiff is seeking damages.

Martell v. X Corp. - 2023CH06416 - martell-vx-corp.pdf
(PDF file) https://www.classaction.org/media/martell-vx-corp.pdf

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