PS5's monthly service 'PlayStation Plus' will increase in price, starting on September 6th, the price will increase by up to more than 3000 yen

On PlayStation 5 (PS5) and PlayStation 4 (PS4), you need to subscribe to

PlayStation Plus, a monthly paid service, to enjoy multiplayer games and online play. This increase in the monthly fee for PlayStation Plus was announced on the PlayStation official blog.

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There are three plans available for PlayStation Plus, and at the time of article creation in Japan, the Essential Plan is 850 yen per month / 2150 yen for 3 months / 5143 yen per year, and the Extra Plan is 1300 yen per month / 3600 yen for 3 months / 8600 yen per year. , the premium plan is available for 1,550 yen per month, 4,300 yen for 3 months, and 10,250 yen per year.

It has been announced that the prices of each PlayStation Plus plan will be increased. Only the annual amount of each plan will be increased. The price increase is scheduled to take effect from September 6, 2023.

Annual fee 5143 yen → 6800 yen

Annual amount: 8,600 yen → 11,700 yen

Annual amount: 10,250 yen → 13,900 yen

For users who are already on one of our annual plans, the increased price will not take effect until your next renewal after November 6th. However, if you upgrade or downgrade your plan after September 6th, the increased price will be reflected.

In addition, with PlayStation Plus, you can get 3 different games for free every month no matter which plan you have. In August, 14 titles were added to the game catalog, including ``LOST JUDGMENT,'' ``Destiny 2: The Black Queen,'' and ``Moving Out 2.''

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