Google ends subscription ``Pixel Pass'' that gives you a smartphone every two years in just 22 months

Google has announced the end of

Pixel Pass , a subscription plan that bundles Pixel smartphones with paid services such as YouTube Premium. Pixel Pass had the benefit of ``If you continue to sign up for two years, you can receive the Pixel smartphone you got with the subscription'', but the service ended less than two years after it started.

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When Google announced ``Pixel 6'' and ``Pixel 6 Pro'' on October 20, 2021, it also announced the subscription plan ``Pixel Pass.'' Pixel Pass is a plan that combines a Pixel smartphone with YouTube Premium, Google One, etc. When signing a contract, a Pixel smartphone is lent to you, and if you continue to pay the monthly fee for two years, you can make the Pixel smartphone your own. Details of Pixel Pass can be found at the link below.

Google announces ``Pixel Pass,'' a subscription plan that includes unlimited use of Pixel 6 and premium services for a monthly fee of 5,000 yen - GIGAZINE

Furthermore, if you continued to subscribe to Pixel Pass after two years, there was also a mechanism in which a new Pixel smartphone would be lent by Google.

However, in August 2023, Google announced the end of Pixel Pass, saying, ``Pixel Pass will no longer be provided after August 29, 2023.'' On the Q&A page regarding the termination of Pixel Pass published by Google, there is an item ``Why are you terminating Pixel Pass?'' 'We continue to listen to feedback from our users and offer diverse ways to access Google's best products.' The reason for the termination is not stated.

Users who have already subscribed to Pixel Pass can continue to use Pixel Pass for two years from the date of subscription. In addition, Pixel Pass subscribers will be given a ``$100 credit (approximately 14,600 yen) that can be used at the Google Store.''

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