I have eaten all four types such as KFC 'Torori Tsukimi Cheese Fillet Burger' and 'Torori Tsukimi Twister' that wraps chicken fillets and Japanese-style chicken cutlets in soft-boiled eggs

The `` Tsukimi '' menu using fried eggs, which has become a staple of the autumn menu of fast food chains, has appeared in Kentucky Fried Chicken from August 30, 2023 (Wednesday). This time, ' Torori Tsukimi Twister ' and ' Egg Tart ' were also added, so I ate it together with 'Torori Tsukimi Cheese Fillet Burger ' and ' Torori Tsukimi Cheese Japanese Style Cutlet Burger '. .

Toro-ri Tsukimi | Kentucky Fried Chicken


Arrived at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

In the menu put out in front of the shop, the 'Torori Tsukimi' family was set in the prominent position in the upper right.

A set of 'Toro-ri Tsukimi' menu.

First of all, I will eat from 'Torori Tsukimi Cheese File Burger'.

The diameter of the buns is slightly smaller than the transportation IC card.

Just a bun size fried egg is sandwiched and the chicken fillet below is hidden.

When I lift it, it looks like this. There's melted cheese on top of the chicken fillet, which glues the chicken and egg together.

Cross section. The fried egg is soft-boiled as if the yolk is flowing out, and the mellow flavor of the egg wraps around the entire burger. The sandwiched chicken fillet has a weaker spice than the KFC original chicken, and the impression is that it desperately asserts its presence from under the eggs and cheese along with the slightly salty clothing. That's it!'

Another burger is 'Toro-ri Tsukimi Cheese Japanese Style Cutlet Burger'.

After all, the fried egg hides the cutlet.

Japanese-style cutlet is about the same thickness as chicken fillet.

A cross section looks like this. It's a pretty thick cutlet, but when you eat it, the clothes are moist with sauce and the body is quite soft, and your teeth pass through. The sauce is sweet and spicy, and it has a different taste from chicken fillet. However, the cutlet is too soft to notice its existence, so I feel like I wanted it to be a little more chewy.

The newly added 'Toro-ri Tsukimi Twister'.

The material is completely enclosed.

The contents are like this, boneless chicken and eggs are sandwiched. If it is a burger, the yolk of the soft-boiled egg will inevitably flow out, but since the twister is wrapped in dough, it is strong that you can eat it without getting a drop and getting your hands dirty. However, there is a feeling that the thick skin that protects the egg absorbs the taste of the egg.

Similarly, the new 'egg tart'.

It is a pie

crust filled with egg to pour and baked, and is served warm. The crispy pie crust has a soft and fluffy sweetness, making it a very sweet item.

'Toro-ri Tsukimi Cheese Fillet Burger' and 'Toro-ri Tsukimi Cheese Japanese Style Cutlet Burger' are 490 yen including tax, 'Toro-ri Tsukimi Twister' is 460 yen including tax, and 'Egg Tart' is 290 yen including tax.

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